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Yep, day 31. It ends here :( 
Admittedly it was s'posed to be 33 days, but I modified it a bit 'cause some things were just to similar. But not the point. It's the last day. So onwards to the end of it...
Day 31: The moment that made you a Doctor/Rose shipper. I know exactly the moment.

From The End of the World...

This was when I first started shipping them. There was just something about the way Rose says 'There's me' and sort of smiles at him. And how he looks at her and is almost praying she won't leave. It's just so beautiful.

"I'm so glad I met you" 
"Me Too"

This one sort of reinforced it. And showed some more of that chemistry...

And this is the moment when I realised I was always going to ship them. They were just so damn perfect together.

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Oh bugger, it's a tricky one again. Seriously. Day 29: Favourite Nine/Rose moment. There's so many moments I love between Nine and Rose, for all sorts of different reasons. So picking just one is an interesting dilemma....

Ok, I've gone with this one from The Doctor Dance (Yes, I'm actually picking something Moffat had a hand in... Weird eh?)

Why this moment? Truth be told, it's another case of ask me tomorrow and I'll probably have a different answer. But why do I love this particular moment? Because seeing the Doctor get upset that Rose doesn't see him as a dancing partner is priceless. He doesn't like it at all, but there is no way he'll admit it. Just like he won't admit how jealous he is of Cap'n Jack. But I love when Rose has that moment of realisation.
And seriously... resonating concrete? Really Doctor, that's the best you could come up with???

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And one day, I'll make a normal subject for one of these. Really, I will. But that's not the point. I don't think it ever was, or ever will be...
Erm, I have no idea what I'm on about so on to the actual point here...

Day 17: Favorite Character Reaction About Doctor/Rose. Hrrrmmmm. OK, so I've thought about it. The answer has got to be be Jack in The Doctor Dances. Specfically, this part....

That last line. It's such a perfect way to describe them. Sweet but often oblivious the what's going on around them. Especially when they get involved with each other. Personally, I think I love Jack's reaction here so much cause he's gone from flirting with Rose to realising that the Doctor and Rose are completely hopeless, but you have no real shot of getting between 'em. 

(Yes, I'm choosing to ignore that certain episode in S2. You can't make me acknowledge it. Besides, that was Ten, and he's a bigger idiot.)
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So day 16 of the Doctor and Rose. It's an interesting one. Well, I think so, but then I find a lot of things interesting.
Anyway, 'nough of that. Day 16: Favourite Rose Moment About The Doctor.

Weeeelll. I gotta say. It's Rose's turn for a speech. From The Parting of the Ways.

Specifically this part;
Rose: It was a better life. And I - I don't mean all the travelling and... seeing aliens and spaceships and things - that don't matter. The Doctor showed me a better way of living your life. You know, he showed you too. That you don't just give up. You don't just let things happen. You make a stand. You say no. You have the guts to do what's right when everyone else just runs away, and I just can't--

I think I love this moment because it does show how much the Doctor has shown Rose, about the universe, about life and about what she is capable of. She may have healed and helped him, but he showed her so much as well, especially in terms of her own strengths. And one of these strengths is that she can't find it in herself to leave the Doctor to die, or die alone as the case may be. She can't stand back and just let things happen when she knows she could be helping or supporting. Especially when it comes to the Doctor.

For me, one of the best things about their relationship is that they do help each other grow. They use the love and support the other offers to make themselves and the other better. 

(I realise I may have rambled again. Can't help it, I did mention I adore S1 yes? Blame that.)
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Seriously, I think I dislike the person who came up with this one.
Day 14: Favourite Hug. Really? There's like a minimum of 2 hugs in every episode they're in together. Ok, maybe a slight over-statement, but there is a lot of hugs between 'em.

Favourite hug is behind the cut... )

And just cause I do like this one too.... 

(Just cause I felt like it.)
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Day 07: Epic Moment. Now, for me, this is always going to have the same answer I think. Cause really, there's still nothing that beats this moment...

Seriously, what is not to love about this moment? Rose has done something completely epic for no other reason than to keep the man she loves safe. I think I said it somewhere else about this moment, but Rose didn't really come back to save the universe, she came back because she wanted to save the Doctor or at least be there with him when he died. The Doctor didn't die to save the world, or the universe either, he died so the woman he loved wouldn't. You've got to admit. That's epic. 

Also, I love how her eyes lose the golden glow when she calls him 'my Doctor', subtle sign that Rose is really there and saying something about how she feels.

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I do like Day 05: Favourite Hand-holding Moment. Mind you, when you think about it, you realise how often they did so. 
I think there's oooo 1, maybe 2 episodes where they didn't at some point hold hands. 

But anyway, my favourite (and I know said there'll be some Ten/TenToo, just erm, not yet) is from The Unquiet Dead.

D: I'm so glad I met you.
R: Me too.

Ok, so I love this one just because of the way they actually lock their fingers together, and ok the following comment doesn't hurt  either, but mostly it's about the way the fingers lock. I think it just represents them, filling the spaces in each others life.
(I'm feeling sappy, shhh)
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Soooo, Day 04: Favourite Series. If you've seen the past few days, you can probably guess.

Look, I adore S2. It makes me happy and giggly and moves me almost to tears. S3 has the honour of being the shippiest series in a lot of ways. Poor sad!Ten. There are so many things I love about S4. 

But when it comes down to it. It's always going to be S1.

So many reasons.... )
(In case you're wondering, yes there will be a bunch of answer that will actually involve Ten (and possibly TenToo) but I will happily admit to having a particularly soft spot for Nine and Rose.)

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Day 3 already. Ok, so only 30 more to follow :P

Right, so, Day 03: Favourite Episode. I could go 2 ways with this. Favourite episode overall, just because I absolutely love it and hell it's got some brilliant Doctor and Rose moments. Or my favourite shippy episode. Which would probably be The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit. 

Actually, because it can't be said enough as far as I'm concerned...

You may have seen it mentioned before.... )
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Yep, time again. Though this one is just a complete pain (actually a few of them are, evil things) - Day 02: Favourite Scene. 

Favourite Doctor and Rose scene, really? Actually, I know my answer. It's not exactly shippy as such. But for me it's one of those defining moments in their relationship.

And here it is... )
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Yep, it begins. This should keep me amused for a while. Always good. Actually, my calculations suggest this will keep me amused til Christmas.
I'm actually ok with that. Anyway, the Doctor and Rose meme starts with Day 01: Favourite Quote.

This is actually rather difficult. Pff, there's so many good ones. Actually I know the answer now.

Seriously, I adore everything about this scene. But this line gives me that flutter-y feeling in me belly. And the facial expression. 
Sigh. Nine and Rose (CE and BP) were so damn fantastic together and this is one of the many reasons why.

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I keep getting the impression that an oddly large number of people haven't watched S1 of NewWho. 

I saw this comment last night about how Rose never stood up to the Doctor. Yes, in S2 she didn't stand up to him directly as much, but then she didn't really need to, he was, by his standards, well behaved (except for that certain episode that I'm choosing to pretend doesn't exist).
However, in S1 she was constantly standing up to the Doctor. There's the obvious example of literally standing up to the Doctor in 'Dalek'. But there was early times when she tried to reason with him, say back in 'The Unquiet Dead' when she tried to explain that using corpses was wrong. Standing up to someone isn't always about direct confrontation though. Sometimes it's just about making them stop and think before they act. There's no guarantee they'll listen, and early on, the Doctor didn't really listen to Rose. 

Then of course there's the people out there that assume the relationship between the Doctor and Rose was always the same. Straight from the beginning. I don't see it. I S1 I see the development of their relationship. She joins the Doctor on the TARDIS as a friend, the romantic side of their relationship develops over the entire of the S1 arc. It's part of what made their story, both Nine/Rose and Ten/Rose so wonderful. S1 was the development of it, S2 was more like their enjoyment/acceptance of this. You saw both of them and their relationship grow. Rose did not fall in love with the Doctor instantly, despite the amount of people who seem to think she did.

The comparisons I see with Rose and Martha do not make sense for so many reasons. But the one that perplexes me the most is the one that said they both fell for the Doctor straight away. I love Martha, but I can understand her confusion with the Doctor. Forget lord of time, Ten was lord of mixed signals there. So Martha fell for him quickly, it still wasn't instant. 

In all honesty, I'm not going to touch the 'Rose is clingy/needy/whiny/jealous' issue right now. Nor the issue of 'the Doctor didn't love Rose'. Though really, maybe I missed something, but I DON'T GET IT!

Anywoo..... I'm done rambling for now...
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I like Day 28 it's Favourite Series Arc. And for me, as much as I love S2, 3 and 4, the winner has to be S1.
I love the story here, there was the adventure, watching the Doctor heal, watching Rose grow up, the relationship develop between them and the very subtle 'Bad Wolf' storyline. I loved that. Small bits and pieces just mentioned along the way. To build up to that moment at the end.

Which really, was a perfect way to wrap up all the aspects of the S1 story. The growth of the characters, their relationship and the Bad Wolf storyline.

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I like day 25, and for it's such an easy one!  Nice change. Right Day 25 – Favourite TARDIS team.

Really, it absolutely has to be...

Nine, Rose and Jack.
They just looked like they were having so much fun. Want to join them (possibly jump Jack while there). I loved the Nine and Rose dynamic from the start really. They just clicked brilliantly. Adding Jack. Fantastic! Created a whole new dynamic without damaging the original pair. Actually, in some ways Jack enhanced what the Doctor and Rose had. 

Could imagine the fun to be had with these three, they're a bit silly but you can tell they care about each other.
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Day 23 – Something Epic. 

I have a simple, short answer for this one. Really.

Ok, maybe not that.... )


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