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Title: Happy Birthday Doctor
Rating: Adult (again)
Characters: TenToo/Rose
Summary: He might have forgotten the day he was created, but Rose hasn't. She wouldn't forget the day she was given such a gift.
A/N: I was drinking and on tumblr. TenToo's birthday happened and I thought he needed a present. Rose agreed. (Let's leave my voices out of this eh?)

"It's Friday," she says. "But more than that, Doctor, it's your birthday." )
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Title: Metacrisis: Jack
Rating: Adult
Characters: Ten/Rose/Jack/TenToo
Summary: Jack was responsible for the metacrisis, not Donna. So what does this mean for the ol' Team TARDIS?
Notes: This is entirely the fault of yumimum, who asked what would have happend if the metacrisis was caused by Jack, not Donna. Mix that idea with booze... Thanks to [ profile] jer832 for the beta.

Jack wasn’t going to complain that the body happened to look exactly like the Doctor. Naked. )
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Title: Hair Removal, Doctor Style
Rating: Adult
Characters: TenToo/Rose
Summary: The Doctor interrupts Rose while she's waxing, then insists on helping.
A/N: Thanks to [ profile] kahki for betaing my drunken fic. Again. This was for [ profile] kelkat9 or [ profile] callistawolf, possibly both, after a complaint about a lack of shaving fics. Waxing is close enough yes?

"Uh, Doctor, is there a reason you came charging into the bathroom?"  )
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Ah yes, back again. Sooooo Day 13: Favourite Kiss. This one is easy.
Now don't get me wrong, I adore the whole Bad Wolf kiss. But really my favourite will always be TenToo and Rose in Journey's End.

There is nothing I dislike about this. Except maybe that they cut so much out of the episode... Beside the point, this was still just wonderful.


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