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On Sunday morning (my time) I got caught up in drabble tag started by [ profile] kilodalton on tumblr. The rules of the game a simple, someone writes a drabble, then you start one using the last word of theirs. No connection, just a starting word.

Since things can be easily lost on tumblr, I thought I should post them in one lot. They all feature the Doctor or Rose, most being somewhat Doctor/Rose based.
Drabble A-hoy!!! )
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Title: Metacrisis: Jack
Rating: Adult
Characters: Ten/Rose/Jack/TenToo
Summary: Jack was responsible for the metacrisis, not Donna. So what does this mean for the ol' Team TARDIS?
Notes: This is entirely the fault of yumimum, who asked what would have happend if the metacrisis was caused by Jack, not Donna. Mix that idea with booze... Thanks to [ profile] jer832 for the beta.

Jack wasn’t going to complain that the body happened to look exactly like the Doctor. Naked. )
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Title: Rose's Choice
Rating: Adult
Characters: Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness, Ten, Rose/Jack, hints of Ten/Rose
Summary: Post GitF Rose chooses to spend some time with an old friend who reminds her what she's worth.
A/N: Huge thanks to [ profile] silverlunarstar for agreeing to beta a fic written when less than sober, with no warning! As for who's responsible for this? Well, certain people over at [ profile] bad_wolf_rising (looking at [ profile] callistawolf and [ profile] kelkat9) though they might deny it. Basically, I had some issues with certain behaviour and what was meant to be a kind of cracky revenge fic, turned into this.

"Why do you want to see Jack?" )
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And one day, I'll make a normal subject for one of these. Really, I will. But that's not the point. I don't think it ever was, or ever will be...
Erm, I have no idea what I'm on about so on to the actual point here...

Day 17: Favorite Character Reaction About Doctor/Rose. Hrrrmmmm. OK, so I've thought about it. The answer has got to be be Jack in The Doctor Dances. Specfically, this part....

That last line. It's such a perfect way to describe them. Sweet but often oblivious the what's going on around them. Especially when they get involved with each other. Personally, I think I love Jack's reaction here so much cause he's gone from flirting with Rose to realising that the Doctor and Rose are completely hopeless, but you have no real shot of getting between 'em. 

(Yes, I'm choosing to ignore that certain episode in S2. You can't make me acknowledge it. Besides, that was Ten, and he's a bigger idiot.)
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I like day 25, and for it's such an easy one!  Nice change. Right Day 25 – Favourite TARDIS team.

Really, it absolutely has to be...

Nine, Rose and Jack.
They just looked like they were having so much fun. Want to join them (possibly jump Jack while there). I loved the Nine and Rose dynamic from the start really. They just clicked brilliantly. Adding Jack. Fantastic! Created a whole new dynamic without damaging the original pair. Actually, in some ways Jack enhanced what the Doctor and Rose had. 

Could imagine the fun to be had with these three, they're a bit silly but you can tell they care about each other.
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So Day 8 which is Favourite Series/Season. I have decided this Who meme is evil. I'm terrible at picking favourites.
Ask me my least favourite series, and I can tell you in half a second.

Favourite however.... )

Watch out, a few pics beyond the cut :)
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Another day, another Who theme. In the meme. Ok, that was bad.

Day 4 – Favourite Character )


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