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Terrifying isn't it? Ok, maybe not, but it could be a first for me. I feel like a random ramble about other shows. Specifically, Bones and Fringe.

The new season of Bones has started, 2 episodes in now. I have loved this show since it started. Though admittedly I first heard about it cause David Boreanaz was in it. Ahh, the side effect of long term Whedon watching.

Anywoo, the new season started, and at the end of last season Bones was pregnant, to Booth. Which was kind of a surprise. But as a completely hope Bones/Brennan shipper I was kind of both hopeful and terrified of what this would do to the new season. The first episode though, had me squee-ing a little bit. They were all adorable. It gave me hope that getting them together wouldn't ruin anything. As sometimes happens on shows like this, get the characters with the UST together and down the drain it goes.
And maybe I'm just a hopeless little shipper, but watching those 2 in the second episode, Bones attempting to 'walk in' Booth's shoes was hilarious. I still love them. If they keep going like this I think it'll work out ok. I've always loved Bones trying to understand the emotional side to, well, pretty much everything.

Sooooo, Fringe.....

This one is interesting. They like to throw twists at you. Some are obvious, some not so much (well, not to me anyway). I love Peter/Olivia. So with what's been happening in the first 6 episodes of the new season, I feel rather sorry for Peter. Those two have absolutely no luck. And Walter, I adore Walter. I want him to be my uncle or something (though my Dad has some similarities to Walter so maybe I should just accept that). But poor guy, something worrying when he wants to lobotomise himself.
I admit to being a little bit worried when the season first started, but I find it's starting to pick up in the past 3 episodes. And the bit at the end of episode 6 both surprised me and was really obvious, but I can't help wondering if there's more to it than what they've given us so far. I mean they've been dropping hints that something isn't right, but given the re-write of the timeline (for lack of a better term) those odd variations could be explained away, but the changes are rather drastic really. 
Oh well, be interesting to see what happens next....


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