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Look, I freely admit I love Terry Pratchett, and I love Doctor Who. So when I saw this, I smiled. And yes, we could argue about the best Doctor forever, but let me enjoy my fangirling with out any thought of that!

Also, Rob saying he'll audition for the part just caused me to giggle :D

For the first bit that's cut off it's HERE.
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Yep yep. I'm finally getting around to watch 'The Power of Three'. And then 'The Angels Take Manhattan'. Yes, both at once, cause I never got around to watching last weeks. Which probably says something. But nevermind that, the usual commentary has to happen...

The Power of Rambles )

The Rambles Take Manhattan )
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Not that I'm particularly worried about that. Good thing too. I'm not likely to change my habits now.

Anyway, the rambly commentary is here... )
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All in space. Yep, I finally got around to watching 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' and because reviews require actually putting together thoughts at the end, which I'm too lazy for, I figured I'd go with my normal approach...

Oh yes, there's a random running commentary... )
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Yes, I'm behind the times... It's been a bit of a crazy weekend here. And I had to wait for the internet to catch up and then find time... But now, I'm watching it. Running commentary included.. :P

Spoilers and all that stuff... )
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Having an interesting discussion with [ profile] jer832 today, we figured out why in Moffat's era of Doctor Who the universe is so often rebooted, and parts of it are getting wiped away or it freezes and likes to start repeating itself....


If we're lucky he'll take it back to Windows XP or upgrade to W7. Actually given they have time travel, maybe they can upgrade to W8?
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And by that I mean literally. It's now sometime after 12am on Tuesday. It was a long weekend in this part of the world. Yay! Or something.

But a random thing, letting the weekend emails build up is a bad idea. It's rather worrying how quickly they build up in 2-3 days. And that was with the occasional check.

Anyway, onward to random rambles about life... And stuff. )
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Title: "If I Don't Dare..."
Author: [ profile] fogsblue
Characters: Nine/Rose and Harriet Jones...
Rating: M
Author's Notes: Written for the [ profile] dwpronathon I was assigned Aliens of London/World War and given permission to mess with canon. 10 Downing Street may never be the same.
Beta: The brilliant,ever helpful and supportive [ profile] jer832
If we could just get out of here... )

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The Doctor Who Meta Community is a weekly discussion comm that sponsors topics relating to both Nu Who and Classic Who. Every Monday there will be a new topic relating to Nu Who, and every Wednesday there will be a new topic relating to Classic Who. Feel free to submit ideas for discussion as well here!
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Snagged from [ profile] kilodalton

Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows. Comment, and I'll give you a letter!

I was given "R" (Yes, I think she did it on purpose). )

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Specifically, lately I've been watching The Sarah Jane Adventures. Yes, I'm still a child. Or possibly I just refuse to grow up.

But I just watched Death of the Doctor. It's really quite interesting watching this. Or more specifically, as I heard from [ profile] kilodalton seeing the difference between Eleven as written through S5/6 and as written by RTD is quite amazing. Seriously, I can see how people can appreciate Matt Smith, he gets more depth in this story than he did in most of the last 2 seasons of Doctor Who. When you watch him in this you can see the potential he has to play the Doctor with actual emotional depth. It's a shame he's been stuck with only a couple of writers who were willing to actually deal with character development.

So all I really have to say to that is...

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So I shall share. Blame [ profile] bloose09 it's her fault these exist. 

Possibly amusing pictures.... :P )

Also why is it so hot??? Damn Summer!

I'm sitting here at what is now 2.30am, I still have the fan going because it's still too hot and I should be sleeping. Well, that's actually nothing new... 

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Story: Keeping Warm in Cardiff
Author(s): [ profile] jer832 and [ profile] fogsblue
Characters/Pairing: Nine/Rose
Beta: The brilliant [ profile] bloose09

Summary: The Doctor and Rose find dancing is a great way to keep warm...
A/N: This was from a few weeks ago. I got distracted and forgot to add it to my journal... Anyway, the picture below was posted as a challenge over at BWR, and what followed was a conversation that turned into a fic. (I still blame [ profile] jer832 though I think she blames me...) 

It was Winter in Cardiff... )

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Yes, the apocalypse is nigh. My first solo effort. It's complete fluff, but I saw a prompt and some lines just wouldn't leave me alone. And feel free to offer constructive criticism, I can probably use it... 

Title: Ice Moves
Author: [ profile] fogsblue
Characters/Pairings: Nine/Rose
Beta: The wonderful [ profile] timelord1 :)
Summary: Apparently the TARDIS does have an ice skating rink...
A/N: The blame for this rests on [ profile] bloose09 shoulders, she suggested Nine/Rose and ice skating rink in the TARDIS over at [ profile] doctor_rose_fix

Oh, right. Behind the cut.... )

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Now, this may actually be a sign of the coming apocalypse. I will have to check on that.
But anywoo, what started as a lot of fun over at [ profile] bad_wolf_rising turned into an actual fic. Which can be read here.

(If you're curious, you can see where it started here.)

I admit, I think [ profile] jer832 did most of the work, but hey, I certainly helped ;D


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