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Yes, I think that's how I sort my week out now... Worrying? Probably...

But seriously, Sons of Anarchy is a brilliant show... )

The Walking Dead is just.....  )

Ohhhh, Elementary! )

Dexter.... )

As for Once Upon a Time... )

That's a few shows huh? What's sad is there's more I watch, but my brain is now off amusing itself with The Mighty Boosh since my friend told me I had to watch it.

And somehow, despite all this I get in my 4 hours of sleep a day, read some fic/book, spend time in chat and play GW2....

I don't have a life... I don't think I need one...?

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Seriously, if you watch Once Upon a Time you have to go read this brilliant fic by [ profile] keep_counting called the one with all the messages!

You won't regret it, really, go read!
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Think I like Once Upon a Time more every week. Of course I'm easily impressed so that may not be saying much...

Crocodile... )
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Oh yes!! After getting my grubby little paws on it, I'm ready to watch.

You know, cause there might be spoilers... )
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Sometimes, I love this time of year. If only cause some good shows come back on...

Very much enjoy this show and have been wondering what would happen since the curse was broken... Definitely don't trust Rumple. Poor Belle, she's got a complicated one but I admit, kinda loving Rumple/Belle, talk about slightly complicated.

Oi Charming! Shouldn't get offended that Snow, as Mary Margaret had a one night stand, you were married you dumbass. Still, those 2 are much better as Snow and Charming then they were as Mary and David. Makes for an interesting reunion and it's nice to see an actual emotional fallout from a lost child.

Henry wanting to save Regina was good. She was in some ways, still his mother. But she doesn't seem to learn.

Also, so glad to see Mulan, but did we have to have her in love with the Prince too? But I kind of hope we get an epic friendship between her and Aurora. Cause Mulan is a brilliant character. AND I admit, I didn't see them not being a flashback! Wasn't really expecting that. Sneaky sneaky. I like it.

All in all, fantastic return :D

I admit, I wasn't sure about the Debra loving Dexter thing that was going on towards the end of the last season, but thankfully that got forgotten in this episode.

Ok, so we knew Debra had to catch/figure out who Dexter was eventually. I actually didn't mind that it took her a while to process all of what she saw with Dexter in the church. I admit, I will be curious to see how the season goes now she's established Dexter's a serial killer.

Which of course makes you wonder what La Guerta is up too. And for that matter, what about Louis?

Might have more thoughts about this later, but still, glad it's back on.

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1. Yes, I know Fringe has been back for 2 weeks, but that's a minor detail.

2. It's not that I'm ridiculously over excited by this or anything... But seriously *does happy dance* (I choose not to consider the sad and sorry state of my life that I'm am so ridiculously happy about the return of TV shows). 

3. This weeks Once Upon a Time was great.

GoT, Fringe and OUaT ramble, there could be spoilers... )

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Snagged from [ profile] kilodalton

Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows. Comment, and I'll give you a letter!

I was given "R" (Yes, I think she did it on purpose). )

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...How I spent this week procrastinating. Yep, this is what I do when I'm considering uni work. 

I find new (or not so new) and exciting things to watch or play. Is it bad that I'm replaying Final Fantasy X, again?
Mind you, in my defence this game is still brilliant, if slightly painful to play on newer TVs. 

But mostly, I was watching Supernatural season 1....

Oh, and Once Upon a Time, but more Supernatural... )

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So, watched the new episode of Once Upon a Time (ok, day or two old now but eh, still new).
Ummm. Rightio...

Once Upon a Time thoughts... )

I'm really more than a few days behind on Fringe, but I watched it yesterday...

My Fringe day after reaction... )
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OK so it occurs to me, one of my shows is back....

Count as TV even if you never watch a TV? [Spoilers] )


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