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Yep, this is it, the last day of this Who meme. I'm still kinda surprised I made it too the end. I feel compelled to celebrate this fact with a hug :D

Ok, hug done. Day 30 - Why Do YOU Love Doctor Who? Right, this should be fun to answer...
It's possibly going to be a long answer so.... )
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So it's day 29. I can't believe I've almost finished. It's also sad, what am I gonna do now?

Anyway Day 29 – Favourite Music/Song. I admit, it's probably the most obvious answer. But really it has to be Doomsday.
This song has caught me unaware a few times, since my music is generally set on random. And every time I hear the opening I seem to stop whatever I'm doing and just listen.

Don't get me wrong Murray Gold is a genius really and I adore all the soundtracks, but this piece has gotten me every single time I've heard it, since the first time I watched Doomsday. It's just a brilliant piece of music. It tugs at you really. I'd say it must almost impossible not to be moved by this music.
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I like Day 28 it's Favourite Series Arc. And for me, as much as I love S2, 3 and 4, the winner has to be S1.
I love the story here, there was the adventure, watching the Doctor heal, watching Rose grow up, the relationship develop between them and the very subtle 'Bad Wolf' storyline. I loved that. Small bits and pieces just mentioned along the way. To build up to that moment at the end.

Which really, was a perfect way to wrap up all the aspects of the S1 story. The growth of the characters, their relationship and the Bad Wolf storyline.

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Sooooo, Who meme and it's day 27. This means I'm almost done, just a few more days. But I'll worry about them later.

Today being Day 27 – Scene/Moment that made you go ‘argh’. Hrrrmmmm. I don't know about this one. I mean, a fair hunk of S6 had me going 'argh'. Certain earlier episodes, you can probably guess at least one of 'em, did as well. But I'm not sure if I can narrow it down to one moment.
Hmm, a moment that made me go 'argh'. Ah, I've noticed that of the moments/episodes/series that come to mind none are to do with Nine. There's a few Ten moments/episodes, however and poor Eleven gets pretty much an entire series of 'argh'. (If it helps even things out, poor Nine gets a distinct 'groan' for a bad pick up line).

Ok, to save myself the trouble, I'd say the first real 'argh' moment I experienced watching this show happened in that episode back in series 2 that I love to hate. Don't want to go into details, but seriously, do I need too? There's plenty of moments there.

And because it's appropriate to my answer (and yes it made me 'argh' too)... 

(On that note, how many times did I use the expression 'argh'? Actually, probably don't want to know)
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So this one is tricky. Really tricky. Cause Day 26 – Scene/Moment that made you go ‘awww’. This describes a lot of moments. And I notice for me nearly all of them involve the Doctor and Rose. I'm such a softy I swear.

Or possibly, just possibly, they are so damn adorable. If I got this one yesterday I'd have a different answer and if I think about it tomorrow, my answer will be different again.... I just thought I'd point that out now. But right now, the answer is this hug.

It's their faces, I mean they have some of the best hugs. But the way they look in this one. Like there is nowhere else they would rather be. Ever. Awwww. Much love :)
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I like day 25, and for it's such an easy one!  Nice change. Right Day 25 – Favourite TARDIS team.

Really, it absolutely has to be...

Nine, Rose and Jack.
They just looked like they were having so much fun. Want to join them (possibly jump Jack while there). I loved the Nine and Rose dynamic from the start really. They just clicked brilliantly. Adding Jack. Fantastic! Created a whole new dynamic without damaging the original pair. Actually, in some ways Jack enhanced what the Doctor and Rose had. 

Could imagine the fun to be had with these three, they're a bit silly but you can tell they care about each other.
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Day 24... Favourite Accessory of the Doctor's?
Does his ship count? Cause really.... TARDIS, who doesn't want one?

And my actual answer... )
(I have a picture now, behind the cut :P)
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Day 23 – Something Epic. 

I have a simple, short answer for this one. Really.

Ok, maybe not that.... )

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So, back again. For yet another day. Why do I enjoy this so much, really?

Day 22 – Something Silly. I like this one. There's a few moments I can think of straight away. 
Which begs one question, which one do I pick?

Ok, falling in a window is silly, but... )

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Which is still amusing me. But then sometimes I'm easily, very easily amused :D

Anywoo... Day 21 - Favourtie location.
Now here's a hint. It was part of yesterdays as well.... Here's a hint :P

So, obviously the winner is... )

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Day 20 eh? Well, getting there. Though this one is weird... Well not weird, just hmm. I don't know, I'll figure out what I mean later.
So day 20 – Prettiest Scene. Define pretty, is this just overall, or it is pretty backdrop, actually, given day 21 is favourite location, maybe not that one, so people, costumes? Combination of all the above?

Prettiest scene eh?? )
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Or possibly, though I've now decided it isn't clear enough, so I'll make up my own mind I guess.

Oh right, day 19 = Favourite Ship. I choose to assume they don't mean space/boat/time ship :P
So favourite ship. It's pretty damn obvious isn't it?

Really, really, really obvious yeah??? (pic heavy) )
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So, it's time for day 18 of that amusing Who meme. And here's the problem, it's Fave Amy Moment. 
Ok, so I didn't mind Amy in S5. She's never matched up to Rose, Martha or Donna for me, but she was good.
However in S6 I just lost patience with her character. Nothing against Karen Gillan, but the writing is bad. My main issue - no mother would get over losing a child that quickly. It doesn't matter if she knows that the child will grow up, she wouldn't accept it.

Anywoo, the point of this wasn't to start a random rant over one of the many reasons S6 annoys me.

Onwards to my Amy moment... )

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This Who meme has proven to be a lot of fun. It amuses me greatly (also may help deal with the urge to re-watch again).
Anywoo, it's day 17 - Fave Donna Moment. 

Oh bugger, this is going to be another tricky one. She has so many great moments.

Sooo, fave Donna moment.... )

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It occurs to me, that reaching day 16 means I have past the half way mark. Go me, I wasn't sure I'd make it this far.

Onwards! Day 16 – Fave Martha Moment. Hmm, I do like Martha, though I admit at first I just missed Rose, but once I got over that Martha grew on me.

Because it may not be the winning moment, but it is a great way for the main part of Martha's story to wrap up.

Martha at her best.... )


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