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Day 07: Epic Moment. Now, for me, this is always going to have the same answer I think. Cause really, there's still nothing that beats this moment...

Seriously, what is not to love about this moment? Rose has done something completely epic for no other reason than to keep the man she loves safe. I think I said it somewhere else about this moment, but Rose didn't really come back to save the universe, she came back because she wanted to save the Doctor or at least be there with him when he died. The Doctor didn't die to save the world, or the universe either, he died so the woman he loved wouldn't. You've got to admit. That's epic. 

Also, I love how her eyes lose the golden glow when she calls him 'my Doctor', subtle sign that Rose is really there and saying something about how she feels.

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I like Day 28 it's Favourite Series Arc. And for me, as much as I love S2, 3 and 4, the winner has to be S1.
I love the story here, there was the adventure, watching the Doctor heal, watching Rose grow up, the relationship develop between them and the very subtle 'Bad Wolf' storyline. I loved that. Small bits and pieces just mentioned along the way. To build up to that moment at the end.

Which really, was a perfect way to wrap up all the aspects of the S1 story. The growth of the characters, their relationship and the Bad Wolf storyline.

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Day 23 – Something Epic. 

I have a simple, short answer for this one. Really.

Ok, maybe not that.... )

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Yep, it's that time again. Who Meme. Day 14 which is Fave Doctor Moment. Really, a favourite Doctor moment?

Ah hell, this is going to be hard.... Somehow, this is about how much sympathy I expect -

Right so a favourite Doctor moment.... )


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