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Yes, I had to check it out.... And of course, like every other Who episode this year, my rambly thoughts as I watch go with it...

The Snowmen (with spoiler thingos).... )
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Yep yep. I'm finally getting around to watch 'The Power of Three'. And then 'The Angels Take Manhattan'. Yes, both at once, cause I never got around to watching last weeks. Which probably says something. But nevermind that, the usual commentary has to happen...

The Power of Rambles )

The Rambles Take Manhattan )
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Not that I'm particularly worried about that. Good thing too. I'm not likely to change my habits now.

Anyway, the rambly commentary is here... )
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All in space. Yep, I finally got around to watching 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' and because reviews require actually putting together thoughts at the end, which I'm too lazy for, I figured I'd go with my normal approach...

Oh yes, there's a random running commentary... )
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Yes, I'm behind the times... It's been a bit of a crazy weekend here. And I had to wait for the internet to catch up and then find time... But now, I'm watching it. Running commentary included.. :P

Spoilers and all that stuff... )
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Specifically, lately I've been watching The Sarah Jane Adventures. Yes, I'm still a child. Or possibly I just refuse to grow up.

But I just watched Death of the Doctor. It's really quite interesting watching this. Or more specifically, as I heard from [ profile] kilodalton seeing the difference between Eleven as written through S5/6 and as written by RTD is quite amazing. Seriously, I can see how people can appreciate Matt Smith, he gets more depth in this story than he did in most of the last 2 seasons of Doctor Who. When you watch him in this you can see the potential he has to play the Doctor with actual emotional depth. It's a shame he's been stuck with only a couple of writers who were willing to actually deal with character development.

So all I really have to say to that is...

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Day 24... Favourite Accessory of the Doctor's?
Does his ship count? Cause really.... TARDIS, who doesn't want one?

And my actual answer... )
(I have a picture now, behind the cut :P)


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