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Seriously, I think I dislike the person who came up with this one.
Day 14: Favourite Hug. Really? There's like a minimum of 2 hugs in every episode they're in together. Ok, maybe a slight over-statement, but there is a lot of hugs between 'em.

Favourite hug is behind the cut... )

And just cause I do like this one too.... 

(Just cause I felt like it.)
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Ah yes, back again. Sooooo Day 13: Favourite Kiss. This one is easy.
Now don't get me wrong, I adore the whole Bad Wolf kiss. But really my favourite will always be TenToo and Rose in Journey's End.

There is nothing I dislike about this. Except maybe that they cut so much out of the episode... Beside the point, this was still just wonderful.

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So this one is tricky. Really tricky. Cause Day 26 – Scene/Moment that made you go ‘awww’. This describes a lot of moments. And I notice for me nearly all of them involve the Doctor and Rose. I'm such a softy I swear.

Or possibly, just possibly, they are so damn adorable. If I got this one yesterday I'd have a different answer and if I think about it tomorrow, my answer will be different again.... I just thought I'd point that out now. But right now, the answer is this hug.

It's their faces, I mean they have some of the best hugs. But the way they look in this one. Like there is nowhere else they would rather be. Ever. Awwww. Much love :)
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Or possibly, though I've now decided it isn't clear enough, so I'll make up my own mind I guess.

Oh right, day 19 = Favourite Ship. I choose to assume they don't mean space/boat/time ship :P
So favourite ship. It's pretty damn obvious isn't it?

Really, really, really obvious yeah??? (pic heavy) )
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This Who meme has proven to be a lot of fun. It amuses me greatly (also may help deal with the urge to re-watch again).
Anywoo, it's day 17 - Fave Donna Moment. 

Oh bugger, this is going to be another tricky one. She has so many great moments.

Sooo, fave Donna moment.... )

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I'm baaaack! Hello. After a less than wonderful weekend away, it's time for me to continue the Who meme. With day 12 – Scene/Moment that makes you giggle.
And there's a few moments that get me giggling like this..

Gotta love a good giggle... )


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