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OK... It's about 1.30am.

Look, I love my family, they drive me insane, but I love them. So when I get a phone call a bit after 11pm asking me to drive round to my sister's place (that happens to be a short drive from the friend I'm visiting) because they think they might have been broken into... I do it. And thankfully I have a wonderful friend who went with me.

Of course, I arrive and find the backdoor is wide open. Oh good. So call the cops, wait for the cops, talk to the cops. Not certain if anything is missing. Cops say to call if there is. Wait for sister's friends to arrive. Sister's friend arrives, figures out stuff is missing. More cops arrive (this is what happens when they get calls from 2 places...) and tell them stuff is missing.

More of sisters friends arrive. My friend and I leave. Finally get back here a bit after 1am. Am feeling a little less inclined to sleep.

Sooooo, good weekend of visiting friends is feeling less good now.

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Or HERE, if the embedded one doesn't work.

Yes, this is actually something I care about. And this just made me laugh that they managed to have someone recognise what it was about... 15 odd years ago. Or is it longer now? Either way.
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Actually, more like back in the land of the connected. Though there might be some delay in reappearing.

I have barely slept in over 36 hours and I had to spend the day helping out/being socialable and charming (yes, it can happen) because today was my Mum's 60th birthday.

To top it all off, I've only been home a couple of hours, with my new laptop which needs to be sorted. Anyway, I will catch up after I've managed to get at least a few hours sleep. But I swear I haven't disappeared yet.
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I've finally figured it out properly.
How uni works.

I need to write that essay/report/assessment... Ohh, I need to do my washing up.
Ok, I should really start on tha... Oh, house needs some cleaning.
Right, essay.... Wait, there's something on TV I can't miss.
This time I'll do it... Oh after I've had some dinner of course.
Now, let's get to work.... Bugger it's 4am, I should sleep.

Rinse and repeat the following day.

Until 4 hours before it's due. Then panic.
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So, in an hour or so me and my housemate, who is also known as adopted brother (pretty sure my parents like him more) are headed down to visit my parents for the weekend. This isn't a bad thing, it means I'll also get to see my puppy (yes at 7 years old he is still a puppy), who I always miss.
My puppy... )

I will still have internet, but I don't know how much I'll be on it so the 30 Who meme will most likely be on hold til sunday afternoon (my time). Of course, given how I sleep it's quite possible I'll do it after everyone else is sleeping, we'll see.

Anyway, hope everyone has a good weekend :)

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I'm am struck by a need to vent.

And after that, to cheer myself up I'll have day 3 of the Who meme. Yay for me. I shall celebrate.

Do you really want to know? )

And this is pretty much what I feel like doing today.


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