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Why hello... Ok, on a more logical note. Actually, I'm pretty sure that makes no sense. Never mind. On with the meme!
It's Day 23: Favourite Cast/Crew Quote About Doctor/Rose. Sadly this will be the last day of quotes. And I've been having fun with these...

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Well, I was looking over the meme list, and decided it need a little change. All these quotes but not one from Billie Piper? Soooo, I threw one day out and rearranged to get this in here.

Day 22: Favourite Billie Piper Quote About Doctor/Rose.

Yes, I've remembered cuts exist this week... )
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Yep another day, another quote. Ok, not every day is a quote, just the past 3, today and tomorrow.
Any way, Day 21: Favourite Russell T. Davies Quote About Doctor/Rose.

I admit, I knew the answer to this on straight away. It's probably the most overused, but...

...It is such a great statement. )
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Yep, it's still going. It'll finish... Well ok not for another 13 days, but minor detail.
Right, onto Day 20: Favourite Julie Gardner Quote About Doctor/Rose. This is kind of a tricky one again. She has some great quotes, I think she must have been the biggest shipper of all...

“Oh, it’s so love, I don’t care what anyone says." )

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Ah, day 19. That's almost as terrifying as the fact that it's now 2 weeks to Christmas. Seriously?
But back on topic, yes I kind of have one. The Doctor and Rose meme counts as a topic... Right, Day 19: Favourite David Tennant Quote About Doctor/Rose.

I may be going with the obvious again here. But I'm ok with it. Sometimes there's a reason why it's the obvious choice.

David Tennant: The Doctor and Rose is, at its heart, a love story without the shagging.

I mean, don't get me wrong, you can argue for a long time about the whole shagging part of the comment, but the rest is another one of those nice simply stated points. Love story. That's all.
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Before I start that, just a side note, ignore anything that seems odd, such as the theme changing daily for the next few days. I'm in the mood to change it but can't decide what I want. Always indecisive, me.

But, back to the reason I'm actually here. Day 18: Favourite Christopher Eccleston Quote About Doctor/Rose. Oh. This is seriously easy as far as I'm concerned.

Personally, I just think that says it all. I mean why argue when the guy playing the Doctor puts it so simply. I mean you could dig out the whole interview. But really it all boils down to this point, so why bother. 
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Ok, basically I'm a day late, but any excuse to watch them again :D


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