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Yes, I think that's how I sort my week out now... Worrying? Probably...

But seriously, Sons of Anarchy is a brilliant show... )

The Walking Dead is just.....  )

Ohhhh, Elementary! )

Dexter.... )

As for Once Upon a Time... )

That's a few shows huh? What's sad is there's more I watch, but my brain is now off amusing itself with The Mighty Boosh since my friend told me I had to watch it.

And somehow, despite all this I get in my 4 hours of sleep a day, read some fic/book, spend time in chat and play GW2....

I don't have a life... I don't think I need one...?

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Seriously, nothing to see here. I'm just testing the whole crossposting thingy...

Here's hoping it works.

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And by that I mean literally. It's now sometime after 12am on Tuesday. It was a long weekend in this part of the world. Yay! Or something.

But a random thing, letting the weekend emails build up is a bad idea. It's rather worrying how quickly they build up in 2-3 days. And that was with the occasional check.

Anyway, onward to random rambles about life... And stuff. )
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Well, for this weekend anyway.

I'm probably going to mostly be invisible this weekend, I have this great plan. Well, less plan or more like aim.
No, it doesn't involve moving from the computer, exact opposite in fact. But I'm going to be rather focussed on one specific thing.

I'll catch up after the weekend is over. I like that plan.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend :)
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...How I spent this week procrastinating. Yep, this is what I do when I'm considering uni work. 

I find new (or not so new) and exciting things to watch or play. Is it bad that I'm replaying Final Fantasy X, again?
Mind you, in my defence this game is still brilliant, if slightly painful to play on newer TVs. 

But mostly, I was watching Supernatural season 1....

Oh, and Once Upon a Time, but more Supernatural... )

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But it doesn't stop me watching TV....

Ok, so I've been a bit quiet lately. But hey, nothing new there. Apparently since my house mate has started working 6 hours away, leaving me with the house to myself for 12 days out of 14, I've been watching a lot more TV. Or more to the point catching up on all the shows I'd been meaning to watch. So I decided to make a list of the shows I've watched in the past month or so. Why? I feel like it....

Scary TV habits AHOY! )

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So, to reinforce the idea that I have too much time on my hands...

I finished watching Game of Thrones. 5 episodes a day, only takes 2 days. Well, nights if you want to be technical. Not really the point.

Would love to be eloquent and meaningful about this show, but I think I actually need time to come up with more to say than it's absolutely bloody brilliant.

Game of Thrones ramblings and thoughts... )

On a completely different note, lj is being a shit again. I haven't really been getting any notifications, which is just really frustrating.


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