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Yep, it just keeps going. Well, for a couple more days (3 more to follow and then it's done).
But onwards. Cause now is Day 28: Favourite Song For Doctor/Rose.

Wow, another one I like. It's a miracle!! But anyway. I admit there was a few songs I like for them...

But I'm actually going to choose only one this time... )

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So it's day 29. I can't believe I've almost finished. It's also sad, what am I gonna do now?

Anyway Day 29 – Favourite Music/Song. I admit, it's probably the most obvious answer. But really it has to be Doomsday.
This song has caught me unaware a few times, since my music is generally set on random. And every time I hear the opening I seem to stop whatever I'm doing and just listen.

Don't get me wrong Murray Gold is a genius really and I adore all the soundtracks, but this piece has gotten me every single time I've heard it, since the first time I watched Doomsday. It's just a brilliant piece of music. It tugs at you really. I'd say it must almost impossible not to be moved by this music.
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I'm bored and should probably be asleep, but it's not happening soooo, I'm stealing a meme from [ profile] phoenixrising06.

1. Open up your music player. Hit shuffle.
2.Record the first few lines of the first thirty songs that come up that do not give away the name of the song. Skip instrumentals, but don't skip the embarrassing ones.
3. Make hapless LJ denizens guess the song names and artists. Google is cheating. For musical songs, the name of the musical is acceptable in place of the artist.
4. Least hapless LJ denizen wins admiration. That's right, just like a lobbyist in budget season, the points don't matter.

The music... )
(Right, the Who meme will return later, probably after I've slept)


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