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It's the second last day. Aww, what am I going to do after that? Now I'm gonna need something new. This will require some serious thought. Or you know, random luck to come across something new :D

Anyway it's Day 30: Favourite Ten/Rose moment. Yep, another of those tricky ones.
Ok, so my answer today, this rather interesting Friday, is from Fear Her...

Seriously, I chose this one because they're having so much fun. They're going to solve the problem and save the kids, but they're going to have fun doing. Joking around and playing off each other in that way they did so brilliantly. I admit, scribble monster issues aside, I actually love this episode, it's just so much fun :)

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Well, almost half way through, yes, it has occurred to me that 33 is an odd number to use, but hey, it keeps me amused so I'm good with it.  Now, onwards!! (Ooo, no more caffeine, well for an hour or 2.)

Right, back to the point! Day 15: Favourite Doctor Moment About Rose. This one, so easy for me. Took me about 2 seconds to figure out my answer.

From The Satan Pit. 

Yep, it's that moment. The speech by the Doctor while staring Satan (or whatever is happened to be) in the face is just amazing. The Doctor's belief in Rose is beautiful. He knows, even as he takes the risk, that she's smart and strong enough to deal with things on her end. I don't think the Doctor is saying the only thing he believes in is Rose, I think he's saying that Rose and who she is to him, is his strongest belief.
This is kind of like a move on from back in World War Three, "I could save the world but lose you". Now he knows that she can and will stand up and save herself and others, even if he has to hit the switch.

Oooo, that was a nice pointless ramble. Basic gist? Brilliant moment showing exactly how to define Ten. By Rose and his relationship with her.
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Seriously, I think I dislike the person who came up with this one.
Day 14: Favourite Hug. Really? There's like a minimum of 2 hugs in every episode they're in together. Ok, maybe a slight over-statement, but there is a lot of hugs between 'em.

Favourite hug is behind the cut... )

And just cause I do like this one too.... 

(Just cause I felt like it.)
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Day 12: Prettiest Scene. You know, I have a feeling I've answered this one before. Not surprisingly I'm too lazy to come up with a new answer. And let's be honest, why would I? Mostly cause I still think it's a damn pretty scene.

Why this one again? They look pretty, the location is amazing and it's such a short scene made all the more amazing by the simplicity of what's happening here. 
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Do doo doo. Yep, it's day 11. Which is wonderful. Sort of... In a really horrible kind of way.

Day 11: Favorite Unfinished Sentence. Ok, so I'm going with one of the obvious ones here, but I can't help it. 
It's that sentence from The Satan Pit.

Tell her what, Doctor? You like her? You're giving her the TARDIS? Want a banana? Maybe that you love her?
Seriously, I think if you haven't figured it out by now, it's a perfect example of how hopeless the Doctor is with anything emotional. Bit like a 10 year old.... But that aside, the 'she knows' is kind of like a sign of what's to come with 'Does it need saying?' 

Sometimes Doctor, it does.
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Day 09: Funny Moment. Yep, funny moment. Cause they didn't have a lot of them?
Oh well, I like it. Though I have a lot of answers for this particular one. Took me ages to pick one for this, I kind of went a little random. Pick an episode and pick a moment. It worked.

So funny moment, from Fear Her :D

I do love this moment, for a couple of reasons. The obvious, it makes me giggle like nothing else, the facial expressions they all have. And the fact that the Doctor still some how hasn't figured out sticking his fingers in someone else's food might be rude. But the other reason is that just a quick look at Rose who says nothing, just a very slight shake of her head and he stops. I love how much things in their relationship have changed by this stage. It's damn adorable.
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I keep getting the impression that an oddly large number of people haven't watched S1 of NewWho. 

I saw this comment last night about how Rose never stood up to the Doctor. Yes, in S2 she didn't stand up to him directly as much, but then she didn't really need to, he was, by his standards, well behaved (except for that certain episode that I'm choosing to pretend doesn't exist).
However, in S1 she was constantly standing up to the Doctor. There's the obvious example of literally standing up to the Doctor in 'Dalek'. But there was early times when she tried to reason with him, say back in 'The Unquiet Dead' when she tried to explain that using corpses was wrong. Standing up to someone isn't always about direct confrontation though. Sometimes it's just about making them stop and think before they act. There's no guarantee they'll listen, and early on, the Doctor didn't really listen to Rose. 

Then of course there's the people out there that assume the relationship between the Doctor and Rose was always the same. Straight from the beginning. I don't see it. I S1 I see the development of their relationship. She joins the Doctor on the TARDIS as a friend, the romantic side of their relationship develops over the entire of the S1 arc. It's part of what made their story, both Nine/Rose and Ten/Rose so wonderful. S1 was the development of it, S2 was more like their enjoyment/acceptance of this. You saw both of them and their relationship grow. Rose did not fall in love with the Doctor instantly, despite the amount of people who seem to think she did.

The comparisons I see with Rose and Martha do not make sense for so many reasons. But the one that perplexes me the most is the one that said they both fell for the Doctor straight away. I love Martha, but I can understand her confusion with the Doctor. Forget lord of time, Ten was lord of mixed signals there. So Martha fell for him quickly, it still wasn't instant. 

In all honesty, I'm not going to touch the 'Rose is clingy/needy/whiny/jealous' issue right now. Nor the issue of 'the Doctor didn't love Rose'. Though really, maybe I missed something, but I DON'T GET IT!

Anywoo..... I'm done rambling for now...
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So it's day 29. I can't believe I've almost finished. It's also sad, what am I gonna do now?

Anyway Day 29 – Favourite Music/Song. I admit, it's probably the most obvious answer. But really it has to be Doomsday.
This song has caught me unaware a few times, since my music is generally set on random. And every time I hear the opening I seem to stop whatever I'm doing and just listen.

Don't get me wrong Murray Gold is a genius really and I adore all the soundtracks, but this piece has gotten me every single time I've heard it, since the first time I watched Doomsday. It's just a brilliant piece of music. It tugs at you really. I'd say it must almost impossible not to be moved by this music.
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Sooooo, Who meme and it's day 27. This means I'm almost done, just a few more days. But I'll worry about them later.

Today being Day 27 – Scene/Moment that made you go ‘argh’. Hrrrmmmm. I don't know about this one. I mean, a fair hunk of S6 had me going 'argh'. Certain earlier episodes, you can probably guess at least one of 'em, did as well. But I'm not sure if I can narrow it down to one moment.
Hmm, a moment that made me go 'argh'. Ah, I've noticed that of the moments/episodes/series that come to mind none are to do with Nine. There's a few Ten moments/episodes, however and poor Eleven gets pretty much an entire series of 'argh'. (If it helps even things out, poor Nine gets a distinct 'groan' for a bad pick up line).

Ok, to save myself the trouble, I'd say the first real 'argh' moment I experienced watching this show happened in that episode back in series 2 that I love to hate. Don't want to go into details, but seriously, do I need too? There's plenty of moments there.

And because it's appropriate to my answer (and yes it made me 'argh' too)... 

(On that note, how many times did I use the expression 'argh'? Actually, probably don't want to know)
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So, back again. For yet another day. Why do I enjoy this so much, really?

Day 22 – Something Silly. I like this one. There's a few moments I can think of straight away. 
Which begs one question, which one do I pick?

Ok, falling in a window is silly, but... )

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Which is still amusing me. But then sometimes I'm easily, very easily amused :D

Anywoo... Day 21 - Favourtie location.
Now here's a hint. It was part of yesterdays as well.... Here's a hint :P

So, obviously the winner is... )

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Day 20 eh? Well, getting there. Though this one is weird... Well not weird, just hmm. I don't know, I'll figure out what I mean later.
So day 20 – Prettiest Scene. Define pretty, is this just overall, or it is pretty backdrop, actually, given day 21 is favourite location, maybe not that one, so people, costumes? Combination of all the above?

Prettiest scene eh?? )
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Or possibly, though I've now decided it isn't clear enough, so I'll make up my own mind I guess.

Oh right, day 19 = Favourite Ship. I choose to assume they don't mean space/boat/time ship :P
So favourite ship. It's pretty damn obvious isn't it?

Really, really, really obvious yeah??? (pic heavy) )
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Yep, that time again when I drive myself nuts trying to pick a favourite (or least favourite Who feature). I'd say I'm insane, but I never admit anything of the sort.

Sooooooo, Day 15 – Fave Rose Moment. Damnit, this is going to be tricky.

And my deduction is... )
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So Day 13 – Favourite Era visited by The Doctor & Co. Erm... Hrrmmmm. Yep, this may take a few minutes to figure out.

Decisions, decisions.... )


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