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I keep getting the impression that an oddly large number of people haven't watched S1 of NewWho. 

I saw this comment last night about how Rose never stood up to the Doctor. Yes, in S2 she didn't stand up to him directly as much, but then she didn't really need to, he was, by his standards, well behaved (except for that certain episode that I'm choosing to pretend doesn't exist).
However, in S1 she was constantly standing up to the Doctor. There's the obvious example of literally standing up to the Doctor in 'Dalek'. But there was early times when she tried to reason with him, say back in 'The Unquiet Dead' when she tried to explain that using corpses was wrong. Standing up to someone isn't always about direct confrontation though. Sometimes it's just about making them stop and think before they act. There's no guarantee they'll listen, and early on, the Doctor didn't really listen to Rose. 

Then of course there's the people out there that assume the relationship between the Doctor and Rose was always the same. Straight from the beginning. I don't see it. I S1 I see the development of their relationship. She joins the Doctor on the TARDIS as a friend, the romantic side of their relationship develops over the entire of the S1 arc. It's part of what made their story, both Nine/Rose and Ten/Rose so wonderful. S1 was the development of it, S2 was more like their enjoyment/acceptance of this. You saw both of them and their relationship grow. Rose did not fall in love with the Doctor instantly, despite the amount of people who seem to think she did.

The comparisons I see with Rose and Martha do not make sense for so many reasons. But the one that perplexes me the most is the one that said they both fell for the Doctor straight away. I love Martha, but I can understand her confusion with the Doctor. Forget lord of time, Ten was lord of mixed signals there. So Martha fell for him quickly, it still wasn't instant. 

In all honesty, I'm not going to touch the 'Rose is clingy/needy/whiny/jealous' issue right now. Nor the issue of 'the Doctor didn't love Rose'. Though really, maybe I missed something, but I DON'T GET IT!

Anywoo..... I'm done rambling for now...
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It occurs to me, that reaching day 16 means I have past the half way mark. Go me, I wasn't sure I'd make it this far.

Onwards! Day 16 – Fave Martha Moment. Hmm, I do like Martha, though I admit at first I just missed Rose, but once I got over that Martha grew on me.

Because it may not be the winning moment, but it is a great way for the main part of Martha's story to wrap up.

Martha at her best.... )


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