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Ok, so it's not exactly surprising is it? I probably should find better things to do with my time.

But then, should I want too? )
Rightio... I feel there needs to be a warning, there's 4 episodes and much rambling. It was a long day ok.
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Ok, so the cake is in the oven, I've washed up the mess, swept the floor in the kitchen and cleaned the ferret's food and water bowls up. So...

Watch another episode while there's cooking going on? )
Maybe a pretty picture will help? The hug I wish was in the episode seems like an appropriate choice.
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I'll be completely honest, it's actually only afternoon. I could probably be doing something more productive with my time, but, well, I really just don't feel like it....

So why not watch Doctor Who? )
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Oh yes, I continue my rewatch. Well, not surprising really. It's morning and raining. And cold. So settling in on the couch with a blanket, the Doctor and Rose seems like a good way to go...

And because I never shut up, more rambling will be here )

I was going to watch more than one episode, but then apparently 3 hours or so in every 24 is not enough sleep to allow coherency. I shall continue later I think.
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To be honest it's going on 1am here (bloody freezing) and I can't sleep (ooo, surprise surprise), don't feel like doing much and decided I felt like watching DW... From the beginning, while randomly adding thoughts here. Oh yes, I'm making a very odd, very very likely completely ridiculous commentary. Just warning you now, I make no guarantee of any orginal or interesting thoughts. In otherwords, my usual effort.

And so it begins. Run now, while you still can!!! )

Warning, I do like to ramble on apparently. Wait, that's not news is it? Never mind.


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