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Story: Keeping Warm in Cardiff
Author(s): [ profile] jer832 and [ profile] fogsblue
Characters/Pairing: Nine/Rose
Beta: The brilliant [ profile] bloose09

Summary: The Doctor and Rose find dancing is a great way to keep warm...
A/N: This was from a few weeks ago. I got distracted and forgot to add it to my journal... Anyway, the picture below was posted as a challenge over at BWR, and what followed was a conversation that turned into a fic. (I still blame [ profile] jer832 though I think she blames me...) 

He'd promised to take Rose back to see Dickens' performance.  He'd promised not to get them into any new trouble and that he wouldn't go all soft-hearted and try to reform the Gelth. He said he could get an autographed first edition of "A Christmas Carol" for her without creating a paradox. Actually, he'd just wanted an excuse to see her in that dress again. Just once more, he'd told himself, then he'd let it go.

He gave Rose a carriage ride through snow melted and gone more than a century ago, through a night that existed long before she was born.  He probably should have given her a North Face full-length down coat and arctic-rated boots.  It was winter in Cardiff.

Just outside of town, the carriage slipped on the ice-covered road and overturned. Rose and the Doctor jumped free; but the panicked horse bounded off, dragging the slip-sliding carriage, their lap blankets, and the sonic screwdriver, most likely rushing to get indoors and into bed, where anything in Cardiff in winter with half a brain would be.

"C'mon, Rose, it's at most another quarter mile to the TARDIS. You do more than that before breakfast."

"Not in shoes like these, I don't," Rose pointed out, reminding the Doctor with a little painless kick to his shin that the TARDIS had put her into fancy old-fashioned, high-heeled sandals. "These are shoes for an evening of dancing, not competing in the Winter Olympics, Doctor. My feet are frozen, and I can't feel my toes; I can't walk."

"Then dance, Rose Tyler," he said with an encouraging grin. "We'll dance ourselves back to the TARDIS."  The Doctor slipped out of his leather jacket and draped it over Rose's shoulders, knotting the sleeves into a high collar  that shielded Rose's head from the frigid Cardiff air. Lifting her, he set her feet atop his and wrapped his arms around her back and waist, pulling her against him. Rose was able to get one button done, closing the jacket at the narrow of the Doctor's back, above his bum.  She snaked her arms inside his jumper, her hands against his back.

"There." The Doctor smiled down at Rose. Here, his mind said, here is where you belong, Rose Tyler, like this, in my arms forever.

The jacket was a good windbreak and it kept their heat in. Rose's feet were off the frozen ground, and the thick material of the long skirt did the best that could be done for her legs and feet.  The Doctor started off slowly, his long strides picking up speed as Rose learned how to keep her balance.    

"It's a waltz, Doctor!." Rose began to sing in time to the cadence of his movement, "Waltz-two-three, one-two-three, run-two-three..." She giggled against the Doctor's chest. "One-two-three, waltz-two--  Ow! Oi, you're hard, Doctor; I think I just broke my nose on you!" But she wrapped her arms tighter around the Doctor, slipping her fingers just inside his waistband, and she lay her cold cheek against his chest.

"Run-two-three, Rose Tyler an' me, the Cardiff waltz this must be.."  He counted the rhythm, matching up his steps across the frozen ground, spinning them now and again, just to hear Rose giggle and shriek. "Run!--run-two-three, Rose's cherry popsicle nose I can see, between my hearts she struck me, now she won't leave me be, so we run--run-two-three..."

With each rushing step of the Doctor's off-beat poor excuse for a waltz, Rose's body bounced through the layer of warmth that the Doctor was maintaining between his body and the leather jacket windbreak, her freezing fingers found some small comfort from the heat generated by his powerful gluteus muscles, and the twin beats of his hearts against her cheek were a steady comforting cadence of you'll be warm, you'll be fine, you'll be warm. Halfway dreaming, Rose cuddled against her Doctor, within the warm of his embrace.  "Mmmmm."

"Rose, you ok?" He stopped quickly. "What is it?"    

Jerked back to full awareness, Rose grabbed hold of the first thing she could. It clenched beneath her fingers.



Red-faced and biting her lip, Rose looked up at the Doctor. Thanks to the impressive tide of flush down Rose's even more impressive cleavage,  the Doctor was suddenly aware of what was pressing against him, soft and yielding but firm; suddenly and heatedly aware of the perfectly formed globes of Rose's breasts pushing up -- very very up -- out of her tight low-cut bodice, close enough to kiss, to taste, see the field of goose bumps on the pale, cold skin. Despite the heat their bodies had been throwing off, Rose was still dangerously cold. He couldn't unwrap their bodies yet; he couldn't push her away physically.  He had to ignore all the good reasons that he should back off immediately, even the one that, despite the panicking frantic activity of his mighty Time Lord brain, was rising embarrassingly to the top of his list. Rose was about to learn, if she hadn't already, that sometimes all it takes is a little bit of cleavage to get a very impressive response.

Rose looked up at him just as he looked down at her. He couldn't pretend he was holding her just to keep her warm.  She couldn't pretend she didn't feel the hot hard presence that had grown between them. They each knew that this moment had changed everything. No more balancing on the knife's edge between need and self-doubt.

"Do you.." she said hesitantly, "I mean... I think I can walk now."

"The TARDIS isn't far-- We just follow that old fence over the rise."  the Doctor got them out of his leather straightjacket, untied the sleeves, and slipped the jacket onto Rose properly. "I can get us there faster if I..."


The Doctor got an arm under Rose's knees, picked her up, and started off at a fast lope.  She noticed he's walking a little funny.

"Feeling a little stiff?"  she giggled, unable to stop herself.

The Doctor glared but couldn't keep a straight face either.

"Seems to me, Rose Tyler--and correct me if I am wrong--I was feeling more than just a little stiff just then." He stopped walking long enough to give Rose a long, smouldering look.

Rose stopped giggling. "You're right," she said in a low,dark voice that made the Doctor's jaw drop, "there was nothing little 'bout it. I didn't complain, and I didn't hear you complainin' either Doctor."

The Doctor grinned down at her and started walking again, even faster this time.

"In a hurry, then, Doctor?" Rose goaded.

"Time Lord, Rose Tyler. When it counts, I'll take all the time you'll want." 

"W..we have a saying on Earth, Time Lord: put your money where your mouth is."

'Told you once before, I don't have any money." He put Rose against the old crumbling stone fence he'd been following. "You're gonna have to find something else to put where my mouth is.''  His eyes burned into her. "Got any ideas, Rose Tyler?"

Rose Tyler suddenly wasn't freezing. Heat grew in the depths of her throat and the pit of her stomach, the inside of her thighs, where the Doctor's long fingers had somehow found their way, and were waltzing up the sensitive skin... 

Rose had an idea--a fantastic idea, all ravaging storm, fierce and tempestuous, full of tongue and teeth; wet heat and nipping and sucking on the Doctor's jaw and chin, down his throat, in the hollow where she felt his blood flow faster and his pulse begin to race.

He pulled back. "I was in a hurry when I pushed you out of Henricks. I hurried you across the London Bridge. I was in a hurry to gloss over how open you are to every new experience I give you; how brave and compassionate, how smart and how beautiful you are. But i've been so slow, Rose Tyler to tell you..."

Rose shivered violently against the brick wall. Taking the lapels of his jacket in his hands, the Doctor pulled the jacket closed around her.

"Sorry". Rose wanted more than anything to retrieve the moment, but she didn't know how. She'd trust her Doctor to find the way, just as she'd always done. He was staring down at her, his hands on the leather collar, his thumbs caressing her bare skin. Rose shivered again, but it wasn't only from the cold Cardiff night. The Doctor's lips were on her, following the line of her bodice over her breasts.

The Doctor swept Rose up in his arms and rushed to the TARDIS, in a hurry to get inside before he lost the little sanity he still retained and started removing her dress outside. Finally there and once inside the doors he put Rose on her feet and pushed his jacket off her shoulders. He glared at her dress.

Rose giggled. "Now what's the problem?"

The Doctor looked at her with a smirk "I'm deciding the best way to remove the dress." 

"You did say you'd take all the time I want."

The Doctor nodded, but his hearts weren't in it. Wrapping the fingers of one hand in her hair and cupping her bum with his other, the Doctor pulled Rose to him. He brushed his lips over hers lightly, whispered his tongue against them, seeking entrance. Rose's lips parted. His mouth enveloped hers and his tongue rushed in. As Rose wrapped her arms around him, he lifted her, pushing his thigh between her legs to part them. She wrapped one leg around his, the other over his hip and pressed herself against him. Even through the yards of heavy skirt, Rose could feel the Doctor's desire. She rocked against him, needing him as much as he needed her. His hand was under her skirt, on the flesh of her thigh, sliding up to her bum, inside her knickers.

Rose broke from the kiss, breathing heavily.

'Ok Doctor, I've changed my mind'.  

Seeing the look on his face, Rose knew he was mustering guilt and regret and self-recrimination. Before he could assume the worst, accept it as canon, and use it as an excuse to keep his hands off her for another year, Rose reached down and grabbed him through his jeans.

"We really need to move faster, Time Lord."


He picked Rose up and charged further into the TARDIS. In the seconds between putting Rose down outside his room to open the door for her and stepping inside after her, the Doctor had managed to rip open the bodice of her dress.

"Feeling proud of yourself Doctor?" Rose laughed as she stepped out of the skirt and kicked it aside.

The Doctor leaned forward to kiss Rose's neck, running his hands up the smooth naked flesh of her sides to her breasts. He pulled back, yanked his jumper off and growled, "Not yet, Rose Tyler, not yet."

Taking Rose up into his arms, he kicked the door shut and took her to bed.

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