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Well, I was looking over the meme list, and decided it need a little change. All these quotes but not one from Billie Piper? Soooo, I threw one day out and rearranged to get this in here.

Day 22: Favourite Billie Piper Quote About Doctor/Rose.

Right, it's actually a little more interesting finding quotes from her. Don't get me wrong they're out there. But they tend to be slightly more specific.

The winner would have to be, from back in S1...

Billie Piper: "I don't think they ever really question it. They just, you know, get on with it. But there's this kind of suggestion, you know, that there may be some romance. I think she’s quite in love with him.”

I just think this is exceptionally true in S1 especially. They never take the time to define their relationship. Though they don't really need to. Even if they never say it, everyone understands it. Her Mum, Mickey, Jack, random guests, any bad guy they come across... He loves her. She loves him. It's that love that's the driving force behind Bad Wolf. (Oooo, that was a fun ramble).

And a couple of others I quite like :)

Fear Her Confidential: "
...the love of her life is still trapped in a drawing..."
Nice, simple, to the point. Love of her life. Says enough yes?

Doomsday Confidential: "Having experienced this crazy supernatural stuff, it’s just heartbreaking, the thought of not having the chance to do that again with the man that she loves."
I think that sums up Rose on Bad Wolf Bay in Doomsday perfectly.

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