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Title: A Chapter Can Be a Book
Rating: All Ages
Characters: Ten/Rose, Reinette, Jack, Donna, Wilf, Jackie
Summary: It's 'The Decoy Bride' with Doctor Who characters. The Doctor is meant to be marrying Reinette, but in order to confuse the press, they use a decoy. Things don't go according to plan...
A/N: First things first, huge thanks to silverlunarstar for agreeing to beta this. And secondly, it's less an AU and more a rewrite with different characters. And thanks to kahki for the title.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 |

A movie clip played on a TV. When the clip came to end, the shot moved backwards, showing an interviewer and Reinette coming onto the screen.

Rose was standing in the B and B watching the interview on TV.

The host said, “Powerful stuff there. Reinette Poisson in Desolate, out on Friday.”

Reinette gave a small smile, took a sip of water and the host continued, “There had been rumours of retirement?”

“Last summer, I was considering leading a quieter life. But,” said Reinette and she gained a small smile, “then I met this amazing woman. She was terminally ill, never complained. Actually, no, she did complain, about a lot of things.”

Rose watched, thinking her mum had always complained, but Jackie never gave up, she was quite sure it was one of the best things she’d ever learned. Reinette continued as Rose remained watching.

“I heard recently that she passed away. But I was able to help her, fulfil her dream to travel the world,” finished Reinette, with a nod.

Anything else she might have added was missed as Rose flicked the TV off and quietly said, “Thank you Reinette.”

The B and B was being packed up, Rose had decided to sell it after Jackie had passed away. She looked at the top of her suitcase. She’d been packing it, ready to leave Hegg again. The top of her suitcase was full of photos of her and her mum on their travels. In Australia, India, America, Africa. Reinette had been so generous with helping Jackie see go out and see the world. However, that didn’t stop Rose from missing her mum fiercely at times.

The suitcase was closed and Rose walked out the front door. There was a glance at the sign in the window, the one that declared the B and B under new management, as she wheeled the suitcase to the road and towards the town and its small port.

As she walked, Rose gave thought to her second edition Hegg guide book. No one had expected the first one to do well. Actually, most people, herself included, had expected it to never be sold in more places than Wilf’s little shop. But do well it had, and now Rose was writing an updated version, something she thought was a fitting farewell, for now anyway, to the island she’d long called home.


‘Hegg; An Island History’ took pride of place in Wilf’s shop.

Currently resting next to it was copies of the Doctor’s new book, ‘A Simple Song’.

“This is the Doctor’s new book. Much better apparently, more mature. And only one chapter,” said the young customer in Wilf’s shop, as Rose walked in.

Rose’s mood took a slight downward turn at the reminder of the man she’d met, married, fallen for, and lost in one day. She did briefly wonder about the idea of a book being only one chapter, but was distracted by what she heard next. Something that made her feel like someone had dropped a rock in her stomach.

“Aww, look. He dedicated it to Reinette,” said the woman.

There was a distraction for her in the form of Wilf who almost yelled, “Rose! But you’re leaving again so soon?”

Rose smiled as she thought of her new job and said, “Guide books don’t write themselves. But I’ll never forget who gave me my big break.”

Wilf pulled out a bottle and prepared to pour himself a drink as Minnie and her friend watched on.

Rose laughed. “I just came in to say ‘hi’ and ‘bye’. I’m on the four o’clock boat.” She was glowing with excitement as she added, “I’ve got a flight out to New Delhi and then onto Singapore.”

“Oh, harder to hit a moving target eh?” said Wilf, proud of Rose, but sad to see her leaving again. “I should have known that guide book would take off. Hegg is not the same without you, Rose. It never was. We missed you.”

“Here Rose, this’s for you,” said Minnie’s friend, offering Rose a pet rock, with a veil. “It’s a bride, for luck. It’s the last one!”

Rose wasn’t sure what to make of it, but went with, “Thank you.”

Minnie piped up and added, “That’ll be a pound fifty.”

Her eyes rolled at that, but Rose reached into her bag to pay Minnie as her friend asked, “Off again, Rose?”

“I’m trying to,” said Rose, more than ready to go. She might love Hegg, but sometimes the citizens drove her a little bit nuts.

“She’ll be back,” said Minnie with certainty. “Her Dad was a traveller but her mum was a stay-at-home type.”

Rose shook her head; she felt Jackie stayed because she didn’t have much chance or choice. “No, I’m not sure she was, deep down. I really need to…”

Minnie leant forward and smiled. “I’ll warrant you’re a bit of both.”

“Good bye all,” said Rose with a small wave.


It was a beautiful sunny day, currently, as Rose headed down the dock to the Hegg ferry. She enjoyed the last moments she would spend on Hegg for the foreseeable future. But she was ready to leave, go out and see more of the world.

Rose boarded the Hegg ferry, which was really just a small boat, run by Mickey and Martha, who’d patched things up and had never been happier. She was glad of that, she’d known they could be happy and was glad they were.

As the ferry started pulling away from Hegg, Rose stared down at the little rock bride that Minnie and her friend had sold her and sighed. Since the accidental wedding to the Doctor, she hadn’t really gotten involved with anyone. Not only because she’d been travelling. There’d been more than one man who’d shown interest. The actual reason was she had yet to meet anyone who made her feel as alive as the Doctor had.

Rose decided to throw the rock bride into the water.

That was when she saw something she never expected. Climbing the ladder onto the dock, carrying a backpack, was the Doctor. Rose couldn’t help noting that he was finally, in her sight anyway, wearing some normal clothes; jeans, t-shirt, and a thigh length jacket. And he looks good, she thought.

“Hello!” she yelled, surprised and wondering what he was doing back on Hegg.

“Hello,” the Doctor said in surprise, then as he realised where she was, “Hey!”

Moving very quickly, the Doctor climbed the ladder and stood on the dock looking at Rose. He was sure she looked more gorgeous than he remembered. But was she leaving?

Sounding and feeling anything but, Rose tried for casual with, “Long time, no see.”

The Doctor dropped his bag and removed his sunglasses. “Yeah,” he shouted, as he moved along the dock, trying to stay level with the boat. “I was hoping for our first meeting to be a bit more casual.”

“What’re you doing here?” called Rose, confused and slightly hopeful.

“Well, I’ve been trying to get your attention with conventional weapons, phones, email, that sort of thing,” yelled the Doctor, as he continued his walk.

“I’ve been away,” Rose responded, wondering how she could have missed his attempts.

“Yeah, and you’re leaving again,” called the Doctor, as he started up the stairs near the end of the dock. “Did you not read my new book?”

Rose felt slightly guilty, knowing she’d never been about to bring herself to read it and shouted, “Not so much, no.”

“Oh,” the Doctor yelled, slightly disappointed, but he understood why she might not have wanted to, but continued anyway, “Oh, you really should have read it.”

Feeling more alive than she had in months, Rose, wondering if he’d remember their first conversation, shouted, “The Hegg book club gave it seven and a half.”

“Seven and a half, that’s pretty generous for the Hegg book club,” the Doctor joked back at her. The yelling wasn’t easy, but he thought Rose was worth it.

“They said it picked up around page six,” yelled Rose, happy that he’d remembered and glad he seemed to find the humour in her response.

As much as the Doctor enjoyed the joking around and seeing Rose smile again, he yelled his question, “So, you didn’t see the dedication?”

That dedication he’d spent so much time working on and Rose hadn’t seen it. The Doctor was a bit discouraged, but he’d find a way to make her realise what he was trying to say. Though, he was kind of wondering how, given the boat was getting further away. But he’d follow her if he had too.

“It’s dedicated to Reinette,” shouted Rose, based on what she’d heard in Wilf’s shop, not long ago. Why would she need to read that?

“No, it’s not!” yelled the Doctor, from the end of the dock, watching the boat get further away and hoping she’d still hear. “It’s not! It’s not!”

On the boat, Rose stared at the Doctor as he stood there shouting, almost unable to believe that he’d travelled back to Hegg, apparently just to see her. She didn’t have long to think as Martha came over to her, carrying the book.

“To my wife. A chapter can be a book,” read Martha, having listened to the shouting and trying to help. “What does he mean a chapter can be book?”

“I don’t know,” replied Rose, as she took the book off Martha. There it was, in print.

‘To my wife.

A chapter can be a book.’

Rose remembered saying that she was a chapter, not a whole book. She’d heard that this new book of his had only one chapter, but she was rather certain of the fact that she was not his wife. Still, the fact that the Doctor seemed to have taken what she said to heart back on that day made Rose smile, despite not really understanding the dedication or why she needed to see it.

As best the Doctor could tell, Rose had been passed a copy of the book, but he knew she wouldn’t understand unless he gave her one very important bit of information that she didn’t have. He raced back along the dock to find the boat that had brought him across and hurriedly asked, “Have you got a radio?”

Back on the boat, Mickey answered his radio, and listened to what the Doctor had to say. He left the cabin to pass the message to Rose, “He said to tell you, the only person he ever wed was you. But he and Reinette let the press think they were married.”

“Oh, he’s not married?” asked Rose, as she attempted to wrap her head around that fact and what that meant.

The dedication was to her and Rose suddenly found she could make sense of it. A single chapter could be a book, if it was written right. She might only be a chapter, but she was a chapter that would fill a book. Or at least the Doctor thought so, and maybe that was enough. Turning towards the dock, she could see him watching the boat still.

Mickey placed his arm around Martha and, wanting Rose to have a shot at happiness too, he asked, “Rose, shall we go back?”

“Would you mind?” replied Rose, trying to smile, but struggling to hold back her tears, though they were of happiness. She wasn’t normally the type to teary eyed like this, but she was so nervous and overwhelmed and had to tell herself to breath to stop them falling.

Mickey and Martha smiled at each other before Mickey gave her a quick squeeze, and ran into the cabin to turn the boat around while Martha smiled as she watched Rose turn towards the dock again, looking for the Doctor.

The Doctor watched as the boat turned around and headed back towards Hegg. There was hope yet, he thought.

Moments later, he offered a hand to Rose as she climbed the ladder back onto the dock. He noted she was wearing a simple sundress and jacket, and her hair was still blond, which he didn’t mind in the slightest. He thought she looked amazing.

Instead of saying that, the Doctor, never one of doing things the normal way, half joking and half serious, said, “I can’t believe you didn’t read my book.”

Face to face with the Doctor again, what she hadn’t told anyone else who asked Rose, with a slightly embarrassed smile, admitted to him, “I couldn’t really bring myself to.”

“Well, I hope you will one day because there’s a character in there, kind of reminds me a lot of you,”  joked the Doctor, before taking a slightly more serious tone to continue. “It’s a book about a man, a really stupid man, who makes a really bad decision. And how he loses somebody, amazing, from his life. And how he comes to realise, he cannot continue in his life, without her.”

With the look the Doctor was giving her, Rose lost her internal battle and broke into a huge tongue-touched grin. A grin which left the Doctor a little flustered and he decided that grin might be Rose’s greatest weapon.

“They said write about what you know,” the Doctor tried to recover, before he added, “So obviously, I set it against the backdrop of the Spanish civil war.”

As much as she just wanted to move closer and kiss him, she had to know. “Reinette?”

“She’s absolutely fine. We agreed, we weren’t right for each other,” replied the Doctor. He had realised that day, that he loved Reinette, but wasn’t in love with her. And Reinette had reached some conclusions of her own. But they did remain friends.

Looking excited, the Doctor told Rose, “Oh, by the way! I read your excellent guide book.”

“Really? How embarrassing,” laughed Rose, before, knowing she could sometimes be a little bit snarky when upset, admitted, “I’ve been quite rude about you in the new edition.”

“Well, I love intelligent feedback,” replied the Doctor, casually brushing it off. With everything that had happened, he felt he could deal with that. As long as Rose kept smiling at him like she was.

There was one final question Rose had to ask him. She was fairly sure she knew the answer, but needed to know for sure. She hadn’t felt like this alive since the day she got married and she didn’t want to be mistaken.

“And you’re back on Hegg now because…?” asked Rose hopefully.

“Oh, I'm on a sheep-stealing raid, yeah. I mean, I thought I might grab myself a woman at the same time, but predominantly,” said the Doctor before removing almost all the space between him and Rose, leaning down to finish the last words across Rose’s lips, “it's a sheep-snatching thing.”

Rose’s soft, unbelievably happy smile was stolen by the Doctor as he closed the remaining distance and kissed her softly, as if to make sure she wanted it. She did and to prove it, Rose kissed him back. The kiss started out chaste and flirty, but slowly shifted deeper. They felt no rush, the Doctor and Rose enjoyed the moment, and letting the kiss say the words they hadn’t yet.

When they needed to catch their breath, they broke apart. The Doctor watched Rose, with her gentle smile in place, open her eyes and he couldn’t help the soft smile that crossed his face at the sight, especially when he saw the sparkle in her eyes. They stayed close together, neither willing to move away.

Of course, after a moment, the Doctor who now had whom he wanted couldn’t help but be a bit of a clown. He gestured at his book, still in Rose’s hand and asked, “Want me to sign that for you?”

He got thumped softly with book by Rose for his effort, but the Doctor thought it was worth it anyway for the smile on her face.

Well, that and the kiss she let him have. One that didn’t start out chaste and turned quickly into a full blown snog as Rose wrapped her arms around the Doctors neck and he wrapped his arms around her waist to pull her closer.


In a small gallery in London, the Master was having a showing. His photographs, not the ones he sold to magazines, but the ones he took for love of the art, were on display.

And he was nervous; he paced in front of a couple of the images. While most people might have thought his nerves had to do with putting an unknown side of himself on display, they didn’t.

The real reason for his nerves was walking up to him.

“Hello,” said Reinette, as she reached over to grab the small stickers from him front pocket.

“Hi,” he said, feeling more than a bit flustered. He knew she was coming, but she never failed to set his heart racing.

As Reinette placed a sticker beside the photo of a Hegg hedgehog she said to him, “I like this one.”

The Master just stood there with a bewildered, happy look on his face, which got happier as Reinette gave him a full smile while she returned the stickers to his jacket.

Their moment was interrupted seconds later when they saw a flash and turned to see a paparazzo taking photos of Reinette and her new interest. The Master couldn’t really see the humour in the situation.

On the other hand, when the photos showed up on magazine stands, the Doctor and Rose, with a little bit of sympathy for Reinette, thought the whole thing was priceless.

Date: 6 January 2013 05:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Bravo Fogs!!!! I loved it!

Date: 6 January 2013 06:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks KK! I'm very very glad!

Date: 6 January 2013 09:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
shift caps, that's how much I love it.
you got me teary (as did the original) there at the end and the whole thing was grand and fabulousness and I'm so glad we made you do it. :)

Date: 7 January 2013 06:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
YAY! I'm glad you love it :D

I feel better about it now, I was TERRIFIED! But thanks for the encouragement :)

Date: 7 January 2013 06:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
of course we encouraged you! that's what we're here for, fool.

Date: 7 January 2013 06:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*hugs* Yes, but you encouraged and Calli threatened and then I was scared :P

Date: 7 January 2013 06:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHA omg, that made me laugh so hard.

and yeah, calli's threats are scary. *runs and hides in case calli sees this*

Date: 7 January 2013 06:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
EXACTLY! You were there to see her threats! Of course I was scared! :P

Date: 7 January 2013 09:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
AND ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD. I adored the film and Kelly Macdonald is adorable, but THIS WOULDA BEEN SO MUCH BETTER WITH BILLIE!!!

Of course, then we wouldn't have gotten your fabulous rewrite. I love it so much Fogs! *squishes you* Just SO brilliant at filling in actions and emotions. You must write more fic, Fogs!

Date: 7 January 2013 09:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I kind of love the movie and Kelly MacDonald is brilliant, but I couldn't help but want to put Rose in there with James, who is rather Doctor-ish :P

*snogs* Thank you so much for agreeing to go through this and help me! And I must NOT :D

Date: 22 January 2013 03:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is just adorable! Great job!

You could always write a PWP Epilogue ;)

Date: 22 January 2013 08:44 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

And there's the possibility PWP sequel, but the location has been a problem, since pparently public toilets are not a good choice ;)


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