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2012-01-26 07:30 pm
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Suddenly Australia Day seems more amusing...

Seriously, I love Neil Gaiman... 

I just had to share :)
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2012-01-23 09:47 pm

Gaiman is rather amusing

Right, because this seriously made me giggle. From tumblr, you can find it here 

Sometimes authors are just as bad as the rest of us....
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2011-11-10 07:16 pm
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Who meme - Day 22...

So, back again. For yet another day. Why do I enjoy this so much, really?

Day 22 – Something Silly. I like this one. There's a few moments I can think of straight away. 
Which begs one question, which one do I pick?

Ok, falling in a window is silly, but... )

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2011-11-04 02:08 am

This made me giggle.

Ok, so it's pointless, probably old, but I giggled when I read it. And ok, I pretty much completely agree with it. Does that make me a bad person?

(Right, should say, found this
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2011-11-01 05:27 pm

Because everyone should share these...

Ok, basically I'm a day late, but any excuse to watch them again :D