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Doctor Who Drabbles

On Sunday morning (my time) I got caught up in drabble tag started by [ profile] kilodalton on tumblr. The rules of the game a simple, someone writes a drabble, then you start one using the last word of theirs. No connection, just a starting word.

Since things can be easily lost on tumblr, I thought I should post them in one lot. They all feature the Doctor or Rose, most being somewhat Doctor/Rose based.


"Win? You didn't win!" said Rose. This not quite argument had been going on for almost an hour now.

“But I did win!” said the Doctor, “I would never lose anything to Jackie!”

Turning around to face him, Rose grabbed the ends of his bowtie and proceeded to tie it for him. She had to admit, it was always nice to see him in a tux.

“Admit it Doctor, the only reason you’re wearing the tux and going to this rather dull fundraiser is because you lost!”

“Ok, so I might have been wrong about who discovered Australia in this universe,” he said, then grinned. “But I definitely won because I get to see you in that dress!”

“Together then?” asks the Doctor.

Rose looks down at their joined hands then at the man beside her and back at the mob behind them today. Squeezing his hand tightly, she looks at what’s in front of them and nods. “Together, like always.”

He’ll never have quite the words to explain what it means to him when she says always, but standing at the edge of a long drop into some possibly cold water, he smiles at her and thinks she knows.

She grins back at him, nods and then, excitement running through their veins and hands tightly clasped, they leap.

Resorting to begging, the Doctor dropped to his knees in front of Rose, grabbed her hands in his and said, “I swear, Rose, I didn’t mean to do it again! I am so sorry.”

Shaking him off, she sighed. He never meant for any of it to happen. But that didn’t seem to stop it from happening again and again. Rubbing her eyes to clear the last of the tears from them she tried to find the words.

“Doctor, you’re always sorry, but then you get scared and instead of asking what I want, you let your fear make the choice.”

Noise from an unidentified source broke through his sleep. Not quite aware yet, the Doctor blinked sleepily and struggled to figure out when and where he had fallen asleep.

Judging by the slight crick in his neck and elevated feet, the Doctor realised he’d fallen asleep on the couch in the library. And his toes were a bit cold. That was odd since he was sure he’d been wearing shoes last night.

When he opened his eyes, he realised the noise was his companions giggling as Jack said to Rose, “I told you the pink nail polish would suit him!”

“Yet? What do you mean yet?” Jackie screamed.

Rose tried not to roll her eyes. “I mean exactly that. I am not YET married, or pregnant. But give us some time.”

Jackie blinked and stood there for a moment before she took a deep breath and yelled, “DOCTOR! GET IN HERE!”

The terrified Time Lord poked his head around the door of Jackie’s bedroom and looked at Rose. He whispered, “I take it, you, told her, about, us then?”

Jackie grabbed the Doctor by the collar and he gulped. “I suggest you make sure the pair of you are married BEFORE she's pregnant.”

“…Tattoo? Rose, how long have you had this?” the Doctor asks.

Rose blinks as the romantic mood is broken by the Doctor’s voice, and ohhhh…. “Erm, since before I met you, Doctor.”

From his knees in front of her, he admires the little bird that sits low on her hip. Then he wonders, “But wait, how did I never know you had this?”

Running her hands through the Doctor’s hair and feeling his head drop forward to rest on her bare skin, she smiles down at him. “Well, it might have to do with you never before seeing me naked.”

“Does it always have to be like this? Every single week, Rose?” the Doctor asks. Though Rose would say he’s whining.

“Whining, Doctor.”

He might be whining, but he’d never admit that. It’s not like a part Time Lord would whine.

Not even, he gulps, if they did have to face a weekly dinner with Jackie Tyler. She was still terrifying.

Almost as if she’s reading his mind, Rose says, “You ARE whining. It’s just dinner. It won’t be that bad.  Besides, you know she’s stopped threatening to slap you every time you walk in the door since you became her son-in-law.”

Her hair was a mess, her clothes were completely destroyed and she was covered in mud and slime and more things than she wanted to think about. And Rose was pretty sure she smelt a bit odd.

But the Doctor smiled, looked at her like she was the most amazing thing he’d ever seen and Rose couldn’t help but smile back at him. Moving over to hug her, since he was covered in almost as much mud as she was, he was caught off guard when her smile went from sweet to mischievous. Without warning she raised her hand and threw the mud.

Babies, his companions were babies. Literally!

“Bloody aliens messing with science they don’t understand.”

What is he going to do with companions that now look like they only just mastered walking?

“Doc-taaa!” cried Rose. The Doctor looked at her and Jack and sighed. Could he take them back to Jackie? Shaking his head, he knew that would be a bad idea, he’d be more than slapped if he showed up with two babies and no grown up Rose. He shuddered at that then picked up his mini companions.

“I don’t s’pose you’ll actually listen to me while you’re this young?”

‘Body of work – Picasso’

Rose stared at the sign in front of her and the small collection of paintings behind it. She had never been one for art galleries when she was younger. But during her travels with the Doctor she’d developed an appreciation for them and the artwork they held. While travelling she’d been to the most famous galleries in time and space and even met some of the artists.

She leant so much about other times and places by seeing the art.

But right in front of her, in a dozen paintings, was the reminder, those days were over.

Back on the TARDIS after dealing with the Devil, Rose had run straight into the Doctor’s open and waiting arms. Burying her face in his neck, she let the relief she felt flow through her and whispered, “I’m so glad you’re ok.”

Gently placing her back on her feet, but not letting her go, the Doctor looked at her and instead of waving off her concerns like he normally would, he smiled softly at her and said, “I am. And it’s thanks to you.”

She’s confused but he softly kisses her forehead and continues, “Because, Rose, I believe in you.”

“Men!” Rose huffs. “Seriously, what did he think he was doing?”

The TARDIS hums in sympathy with her annoyed human. If she had arms she’d be throwing things at her idiot Time Lord too.
“Sorry, girl,” she says to her home, “It’s just, are males of EVERY species like this? He assumes nothing can go wrong. Has he looked in the mirror? Well, of course he has.”

There’s amusement from the TARDIS. Rose smiles. “I’m lucky someone else was caught cheating or he would have lost me. A pair of 3’s,” sighs Rose.

“He has the universe’s worst poker face.”

Bins lined the streets, most knocked over, some almost flat but the occasional one stood, against the odds. Rose knew it was a strange thing to focus on, but she knew she had a tendency to focus on something insignificant on these jumps. Generally because it hurt less to notice something small than to know she still hadn’t made it home.

Though, as she took a deep breath and looked up at the black sky, she focussed on the here and now. Because far down the street she could see something she’d missed almost as much as a certain someone.

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