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Title: How to Control Your Time Lords [Part 2]
Rating: Adult
Characters: Ten/Rose/Master
Summary: The Doctor, the Master and Rose are travelling together. The Doctor is repressed, the Master is a flirt and Rose is frustrated. When they land on a planet with some unexpected rules things change.
A/N: HUGE thanks to kahki for checking this over and reassuring me about writing while sober! So this took a while, but mostly it's just an excuse for more smut with the Doctor, Rose and the Master.

[Part 1]

When Rose had finally recovered enough from the frankly brilliant shag and could move again, she picked up the collars and grinned at her Time Lords. “So, before we leave I need to put these on.”

Both Time Lords looked slightly panicked, more at Rose’s grin than the collars she was holding. They got the impression she was rather enjoying this. She was.

Before they could try arguing there was a knock on the door and Rose, still naked, poked her head out and had a quiet word with someone before she was passed something small. As she turned around she was met by the pleading hopeful looks of two pouting Time Lords.

“Rose, do we really need them? I mean, you’ve ‘claimed’ us, so can’t we just go now?” asked the Doctor hopefully.

“Nope, you two are not allowed outside the Compound without your collars. And leashes on and in my hand,” she smugly stated.

As she crossed over to the Doctor, Rose smiled softly up at him, looking somehow completely innocent despite her nudity. He had no hope, especially when, with a soft flutter of her eyelashes, she asked, “Please Doctor, for me?”

He nodded and sat down on the edge of the bed to make it easy for her. Just as she was about to put the red collar on him, he looked at her hopefully. “Can I have the blue one?”

Rose giggled at him, but nodded and put the blue collar on the Doctor. As she finished buckling it, he leant up and captured her lips. The kiss had no chance to progress as there was a loud, obnoxious cough from behind him.

“As much as I’m enjoying the view, and I really am,” said the Master with a leer, “can we get me out of here now?”

Grabbing the red collar and the key she’d dropped on the floor, Rose moved around the Doctor and over to the Master. He wasn’t sure what to make of the look on her face but the Master wasn’t given much chance to figure it out as she kissed him quickly and almost chastely, as if still slightly nervous about such a move, even now. He wasn’t at all unsure however and moved to deepen it as he heard the Doctor gasp. The Master could give a good show too.

When Rose leant broke away from him, the Master looked smugly at her flushed face. Until he realised while they’d been kissing Rose had snuck the collar around his neck. “Sneaky little human, aren’t you?”

Her only response a cheeky grin, Rose produced the key Lia had dropped off and unlocked the Master’s handcuffs. He started flexing his wrists, glad to be able to move his hands again. He was distracted a moment later when, while Rose moved, the Doctor snuck up to him and gave him a quick peck on the lips. The Master was certain that wasn’t enough and dragged the Doctor in for a real snog, tongues and teeth included.

Rose put on her clothes quickly, well, her skirt and shirt anyway, her knickers and bra disappeared into pockets that the TARDIS had generously made bigger on the inside. She wasn’t planning on needing them and no one on this planet seemed like the sort to worry. She turned back to face the bed and gasped loudly as she watched her Time Lords kiss. She flushed at the image.

She shook her head to clear the lust and while her idiots were distracted Rose grabbed each of their leashes then cleared her throat. Loudly. The Doctor and Master broke apart and turned to look at her. She smiled and tugged lightly on their leashes.

“Come on boys, time to go!” she said, excited by the idea of walking out of there with her idiots firmly attached to her.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Finishing up the paper work to release the two men back into Rose’s custody, Lia looked up to see Rose lead her property down the corridor. She was amused by the men following Rose. They couldn’t seem to stop watching the way Rose’s hips moved as she walked. They might try and run off, often, but it was obvious they belonged to Rose.

When she reached the desk and had signed the paperwork, Rose asked, “Can I pick up their clothes and stuff? Though, I noticed that customs here are a little different, don’t suppose you could tell where I could pick up some suitable attire for them?”

Lia nodded and said, “I can fetch your belongings and we keep a supply of attire for the men that come through. I’ll be back shortly.”

While Lia went into a room behind her the Doctor and the Master looked at each other slightly worried. The Doctor, trying not to sound sulky, asked Rose, “What’s wrong with our normal clothes?”

“You don’t really need all those layers around here,” was her reply. Rose turned around and smirked at them. Maybe she was enjoying this all a little too much, but who could blame her? More than three years travelling with the Doctor, over six months of which the Master had been along too. In that time there’d been a few patriarchal planets. And no sex.

If Rose had known that all she needed to do was take control, she would have convinced the TARDIS to bring them to a planet like this much sooner. And now that they were here, she was going to have some fun.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

After getting the Time Lords into their loin cloths and collecting their clothes (cleaned and washed), Rose thanked Lia for the information she’d supplied and led the Doctor and the Master out of the Compound. Leashes firmly wrapped around her hand. She wasn’t going to let them leave the planet yet, but her plans required dropping things at the TARDIS.

When they arrived at the TARDIS, Rose unlocked and opened it, just enough to drop the bag of clothes inside. She turned and began to walk away, when the Doctor and Master tried to get into the TARDIS. Rose couldn’t help but laugh at their impression of cartoon dogs, legs flying a little ahead of them as their heads stopped short, pulled back by their collars.

With a deep breath Rose stopped laughing and looked at the confused faces on her Time Lords and almost lost it again. “Oh no, we’re not leaving yet. We’re going dancing. I think I deserve a little fun.”

Both the Master and the Doctor turned to her with almost identical pouts on their faces. Rose wanted to take them out dancing like this? The Doctor (and even the Master, though he wouldn’t admit it) didn’t want her to stop smiling, but maybe he could come up with a better plan. So he tried to look seductive as he said, “We could dance in the TARDIS, Rose. All night.”

“Nope, I like it here. And since not far from here there’s a dance club, we’re going,” Rose replied with a grin. She knew exactly what he was trying to do. But sometimes, a girl deserves to spoil herself.

Though she didn’t say it, Rose was also a bit, ok very, concerned that any progress they’d made today would be lost once they stepped foot back in the TARDIS. That the Doctor and the Master would go back to their ‘look, flirt but don’t touch’ rule, and she didn’t think she could take it.

The Master was less concerned about Rose taking them dancing. This leash thing was really working for him. But he did have one thing he wanted. “Can we at least put on our actual clothes?”

“I let you have the loin cloth, you don’t need anything else do you? Besides, you both look sexy like that,” said Rose, flicking her eyes appreciatively down their bodies. If experience had taught her one thing about the Time Lords, they were just a little vain. They both stood up straighter and seemed to puff their chests out.

Giving the leashes a light tug with slight shake of her head, Rose led the Master and the Doctor away from the TARDIS.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Using the psychic paper Rose had managed to gain a quick entrance to the dance club. As she led her Time Lords inside she gasped; while it was designed very much like the clubs she was used too, the clothes were another thing. Unlike the people she’d seen out in the market earlier in the day, the vast majority of the men inside were naked except for the varying collars. The women on the other hand, all had clothes on. Well, sort of. The largest outfits she saw on any were dresses that went maybe a third of a way down the thighs.

Tapping into a confidence she rarely felt, Rose, leashes in hand, led the Doctor and the Master across the dance floor. When she found a clear spot on the floor Rose turned to the Time Lords and giggled as they seemed to try and huddle together to avoid the appreciative stares of many of the other women. Stares that Rose had noticed, but did not mind when she realised that the Doctor and the Master had both been focussed on her, well, her skirt. Her skirt which was riding up enough to let them know that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Letting out a laugh at the situation and how unlikely it seemed, Rose decided to just go with the flow and started dancing.

There was a light tug on the collar around the Doctor’s neck as Rose fell into the rhythm of the music. As he watched he noticed that within moments she had found the beat. Watching was fine, until the moment she looked straight at him and ran one hand down the centre of her body. He moved closer to her, vaguely aware that the Master was doing the same.

Lost in the music and the intense look on the Doctor’s face as she was, Rose almost let out a soft gasp as she felt someone move in behind her. The Master, having studied her hips long enough to pick up the beat, put his hands high on her hips and stepped even closer and soft breath tickling her ear, whispered, “You know, you’re quite the dancer Rosie.”

Letting her head drop backwards to rest on the Master’s shoulder, Rose wasn’t prepared for the sudden feel of the Doctor pressed against her front. As he ran his hands low on her hips, just below the Master’s, he leant forward, placed a soft kiss on her neck and then traced his tongue to the base of her other ear. “He’s right, Rose Tyler. You really are a brilliant dancer. We should definitely dance more often.”

Rose gasped and raised her head from the Master’s shoulder to look into the dark eyes of the Doctor. She was amazed to see awe, hope and lust there, with love shining strongest. She flushed, unable to find words, and instead flung one arm around the Doctor’s neck to pull him down into a fierce kiss.

The Doctor’s arms moved, sliding back and down, grabbing Rose’s arse and tugging her hips into his. With the small gap between them gone, she felt his growing erection and broke from the kiss, a stunned look on her face. With a slight smirk, the Doctor trailed soft kisses across her jaw and down her neck before settling on her pulse point and setting out to make a mark.

Taking advantage of Rose’s distraction, the Master closed what little space remained between his body and hers, his hands sliding around to her front and up. Just as his hands reached her breasts, he found, on the unoccupied side of her neck, the same spot the Doctor had and bit down softly, intent on leaving his own mark.

The collars they wore might have marked the Doctor and the Master as Rose’s, but they were determined to mark her as theirs as well.

As one, the Doctor and the Master soothed their marks and stood up straight. Neither of them moved away from Rose. Nor did the Doctor’s hands move from her arse. With each slide and grind of his hips, he made sure hers followed so she knew exactly how hard she had made him.

Between that and the Master’s hands still playing with her breasts and his erection pressing into her from behind, Rose was convinced her Time Lords were intent on making her as aroused as them.

Though she admitted, to herself at least, that wasn’t going to be hard.

Despite the moisture she could feel gathering between her thighs, Rose felt she was fine to dance longer, even as the Doctor’s hand moved under her skirt and slid upwards to rest on her bare arse. Even the Master’s hands having crept under her shirt to play with her nipples weren’t enough to stop her dancing.

Rose admitted defeat when the Doctor managed to curl his hand around beneath her and swipe his fingers through the gathering dampness.

“Ok, TARDIS, now!” she said.

As one, the Doctor and the Master stepped back, both with not quite innocent expressions on their faces. With a smirk, the Doctor asked, “But I thought you wanted to dance Rose?”
Without answering, Rose gave their leashes a tug and led the Time Lords to the door. As they left the club, she looked over her shoulder and said, “Oh, I do. But the TARDIS would be a better place for my kind of dancing.”

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

When Rose was almost dragged by the Time Lords through the doors of the TARDIS she giggled; they were so anxious to be back on board. She laughed loudly as they were pulled up short, again, by the collars they still wore. As one they looked over at her and the Doctor asked, “Now that we’re back, are you going to let go of those?” He nodded at the leashes in her hand.

Rose, looking a little unsure for the first time that day, asked, “It all kind of depends, Doctor.”

Both the Doctor and the Master moved closer as she looked at the floor before she continued. “Are you both going to pretend that everything that happened today, you know, the shagging and all, didn’t?”

Without a word, each Time Lord took one of Rose’s hands and the Doctor placed his free hand under her chin and lifted her face until she looked at them both. When he was sure he had her attention, he spoke.

“No, Rose, we’re not going to pretend it never happened. In fact, we…” The Doctor gestured at himself and the Master. “Are going to make sure it happens again.”
“As often as you want,” the Master added, with a small smirk. Rose couldn’t stop the smile that crossed her face at this news, especially after each of them leant forwards, the Doctor first, to drop a soft kiss on her lips.

Rose’s hands still in theirs they carefully lead her into the depths of the TARDIS, to a room she knew was the Doctor’s, even if she could count the times she had entered it on one hand and still have spare fingers.

When her Time Lords let go of her hands and sat down on the edge of the bed, Rose realised they were leaving the first move to her. With two pairs of eyes, showing emotions she was not sure she could put a name to, focussed on her, Rose stepped forward and let the leashes fall from her hand. She moved up to the Doctor, standing between his legs before she undid his collar and let it fall to the floor. She smiled softly at him before she repeated the task for the Master.

If this was to happen again, Rose wanted it to be on equal ground. Even if being in charge did have certain advantages.

The Time Lords realised what their Rose was doing as soon as she stepped back and waited. With a synchronicity that amazed and amused her, they moved over to her. The Master’s hands started tugging at her top; he managed to pull it over her head just as the Doctor undid her skirt and pushed it off her hips. With a gentle nudge the Doctor directed her into the middle of the bed.

The Master smirked over the Doctor’s shoulder at Rose and snuck behind the other Time Lord and tugged his loin cloth off before he giggled. Rose couldn’t help it as she giggled at the indignant look on the Doctor’s face and the glee on the Master’s. The glee on his face didn’t last as the Doctor turned and yanked the loin cloth off him before he planted a quick kiss on his lips and then grinned.

As they heard the gasp from Rose, the Master decided he was not to be outdone and jumped onto the bed and moved over Rose. Within moments, he had adjusted himself to lie beside Rose and moved to kiss her. His tongue flicked out and his hand ran up Rose’s side until it reached her breast.

The Doctor wasn’t able to stand by any longer and jumped onto the bed, but down towards the end. He gently nudged Rose’s legs apart and settled in between them. This was the first chance he’d really had to see her and touch her. And, he thought, taste her. Something he had wanted to do for such a long time. Wasting no further time, the Doctor leant forward and gently opened her up to his sight.

Rose broke from her kiss with the Master to look at the Doctor with wide, almost nervous eyes. He looked back at her with wonder, lust and, she admitted, love. She smiled.

Without stopping, the Master trailed kisses down her neck and across her collar bone, the Doctor just watched for a moment. He waited until the Master reached her breast and started to softly nibble and suck on the tender area around her nipples. When this caused Rose to shift her focus back to the Master, the Doctor took that opportunity to surprise her. He leant down and listened to Rose’s moan and ran his tongue from down her folds, and then back up, before he flicked her clit just to hear that soft moan again.

Struggling to hold a coherent thought, Rose abandoned all hope of control when she felt the Doctor slide two of his fingers inside her while his tongue continued to tease her clit. Combined with the attention the Master was lavishing on her breasts, it took only a few thrusts of the Doctor’s fingers and strokes of his tongue across her clit to leave her gasping, with muscles clenching around his fingers as she came.

As the Master gently coaxed Rose back down from her orgasm, the Doctor slid his fingers free and without a thought started licking them clean, chasing down Rose’s taste. When he was sure there was nothing left, he moved up the bed, lying down behind her. Wrapping one arm around her waist he moved closer to her, making sure Rose was truly aware of just how turned on he was.

Rose was very aware of how turned on the Doctor was, the Master too. Their bodies were making it very clear. But she was a little unsure how to tell them what she wanted. Apparently sensing her confusion, the Master leant forward and captured her lips in a kiss that was soft and gentle and full of emotion. With what attention she could still spare she felt the Doctor run his hand up and down her side before he leant over to whisper in her ear.

“Do you want us, Rose, both of us? Together?” he asked her.

The Master stopped kissing her to add, “It’s what we want. But it’s your choice little Rose.”

Looking from one to the other, Rose smiled shyly and nodded. “I want you both. So much.”

Quickly leaning forward, the Doctor kissed Rose, nipping at her lips and chasing her tongue around for a moment. For all the words he could spout, he didn’t know how to say everything he currently felt for this woman. But he was going to try and put it all in this kiss for her.

Having watched the Doctor kiss Rose for a moment, the Master smirked a little before he decided to distract the other Time Lord and see if he couldn’t get another kiss in himself. Reaching over their lovely human, the Master ran his hand down the Doctor’s side and then grabbed his arse, pushing his hips towards Rose.

Rose broke from the Doctor’s kiss to look over at the Master, who looked gleeful at his success. “My turn,” he said before he started leaving soft kisses along Rose’s jaw and neck. With a last grope of the Doctor’s arse, he moved his hand back to Rose and instead gave her arse a soft squeeze before moving his hand around to the front of her body and sliding between the damp curls and softly stroking her clit.

With Rose caught up in the sensations the Master was creating, gasping softly and letting her eyes flutter closed, the Doctor quickly rolled over to rummage through one of his drawers before he found the bottle of lube he kept there. As he returned to his place behind Rose, he glanced at the other Time Lord, who smiled and gave an almost unnoticed nod before he moved up right behind her, leaving enough space for air only.

Rose felt something hard poke her behind and her eyes flew open. She knew she wanted them both, but this was not something she’d done before. But with the Master’s fingers playing her like an instrument she looked at the Doctor’s soft smile and questioning eyes and nodded to him. She giggled at the giant grin that spread over her Doctor’s face when he knew she was still fine. Her giggles got louder as the Master looked up to see what was so amusing to her.

“Oh, I see!” the Master said. “Doctor, any chance you could wipe that grin off your face, I think you’re distracting our little Rose.”

Before the Doctor could speak, Rose piped up, “I’m not distract… Ohhhhhhh!”

The Doctor smiled as the Master decided there was enough talking, slid two fingers into Rose’s heat and smirked. With Rose, and the Master, effectively silenced, he poured a generous amount of lube onto his fingers, shifted his hips back enough and rested his hand on Rose’s arse, just above the tight opening there.

“Rose, if at any time you need me to slow down, just say, ok,” the Doctor said, waiting until Rose nodded before he continued. When the Master had her attention again, the Doctor carefully slid a couple of fingers inside and gently stretched her open.

After a few minutes, Rose was getting desperate; the fingers inside her, front and back, were almost too much, but at the same time, nowhere near enough. She reached for the Master’s wrist and pulled his hand up. She licked his fingers and heard the both her Time Lords gasp at the sight. She looked at the man in front of her before she glanced over her shoulder to the one behind her. Struggling to form many words, she just said, “Please?”

The Doctor gently kissed the back of her neck before he removed his fingers from her and poured a generous amount of lube on his cock. When the Master saw him moving up closer behind Rose he ran his hand over her breast and teased the nipple as he kissed her hard. With Rose once more focussed somewhere else, the Doctor lined himself up and, hand resting on her hip, slowly, carefully pushed himself into Rose.

Rose broke from the Master’s kiss with a loud gasp, breathing heavily as she felt the Doctor fill her from behind. She felt when he was fully inside and reached down to grasp the hand on her hip. She looked up at the Master, and saw the lust and love on his face as well and gave a small smile. The Master understood her signal and while she wasn’t sure she could move, he gently lifted her leg and slid his cock into her as well.

For a few moments, her Time Lords and their human just lay there allowing the feeling of being joined to wash over them.

With a twist of his wrist, the Doctor entwined his fingers with Rose’s and gently squeezed her hand. Rose squeezed back just before she kissed the Master softly. Both men understood this was her saying they could move.

The Doctor was thankful, he wasn’t sure he could have held still any longer. He released her hand, grabbed her hip and let out a low groan as he withdrew just halfway before he pushed back into her tight heat. Picking a steady pace he kept going. He leant forward and nibbled at Rose’s neck, listening to each moan and sigh she made.

When the Doctor pushed back in, the Master pulled out. The Doctor withdrew and he thrust back into the wet, tight heat of Rose and groaned himself. He was not sure how long he’d be able to maintain the Doctor’s steady pace, but every moan from Rose made him want to draw out her pleasure, and theirs, longer.

Rose couldn’t manage words, all her thoughts were scattered and it was a challenge even to keep her eyes open. With each withdraw of one of her Time Lords, the other pushed back into her. She was always full of one of them. And she needed more, she wasn’t sure what of, but maybe one of them knew. She was so close. Letting out a loud moan as the Doctor thrust back into her, harder than before, she looked at the man in front of her. There was concentration and lust on his face and Rose clenched at the expression.

From behind her and in front, she heard each Time Lord groan loudly. Rose felt breath across her ear before she heard the Doctor. He whispered, though the Master would be able to hear, “Rose, you feel amazing. So tight. Very tight. And hot. And you are beautiful. And so, so loved.”

Rose’s eyes popped open and she turned her head towards the Doctor but before she could say anything, she felt his hand slide around between her and the Master, moving downwards. She was given no chance to collect herself before his thrusts, became faster and firmer. The Master’s as well. Every thrust, front and back pushed her closer to the edge. She just needed… That! A finger rubbed her clit. She didn’t know whose it was, she didn’t care, as long as they didn’t stop.

Suddenly every muscle in her body tensed as one last flick across her clit and she exploded, the intensity of her orgasm beyond anything Rose had ever imagined.

The clench of Rose’s muscles around his cock and the look of ecstasy on her face was enough to cause the Master to thrust hard one last time and come deep inside her.

As the Master coming added to the sensation of Rose’s orgasm the Doctor couldn’t hold back any longer. Biting her shoulder, he pulled out and thrust one last time as he emptied himself inside her. Releasing her shoulder he gently kissed the mark he had just made and looked over Rose to the Time Lord in front of her. He reached across her and pulled the Master in for a kiss.

The Master kissed the Doctor back, trying to convey how grateful he was for the chance he had been given by his old friend and the human between them. He stopped the kiss with a smile when he heard the soft sigh from Rose. With a gentle smirk he asked, “Enjoying the view?”

Rose felt herself blush. All that had just happened, and that was what made her blush. But she nodded and said, “I was. You didn’t have to stop on my count.”

Taking her chin, the Doctor turned her face towards him and said, “But we wouldn’t want you to feel left out.”

“I don’t think I could feel left out, considering,” she said. To prove her point she wiggled a little, feeling each Time Lord twitch inside her, neither having felt inclined to pull out of her yet. Actually, with a small hip roll, Rose realised the twitching was actually both of them getting hard again.

Quickly looking from one to the other she blinked in surprise at the almost identical smirks on her Time Lords’ faces. As one they said, “Almost no refractory period!”

Rose grinned, she figured there were worse problems to have

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*Eli's brain is out right now, will leave message after it comes back* Beeeeeeeeeep.



Date: 13 June 2013 04:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm just gonna sit here and stare for a but. Okay so I just said I wasn't typically a big threesome fic fan? Let me revise that: I am when it's a fic like this that focuses on the smut and characterization. Because double penetration? It's awesome! I had forgotten how much it appeals to me (though not sure it wouod irl). And the dance scene was fantastic foreplay. Sorta speechless now, except to say really really hot fic - thanks I needed that tonight!

Date: 13 June 2013 04:21 am (UTC)
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I Apologize for the type os (on mobile device)

Date: 13 June 2013 01:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I OH WOW just WOW...So very good. I'd love one where the Master and Doctor get their own back on her....but you know i'm just kinky like that! Great story.

Date: 13 June 2013 03:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh wow.... Just 'guh' wow. Amazing. You should write sober more often ;)

Date: 14 June 2013 02:03 am (UTC)
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I think I might need a lie down now, so if you'l;l excuse me, I'll just go and erm.......

Date: 29 July 2013 04:31 am (UTC)
redcirce: Master/Doctor fanfic (Master/Doctor)
From: [personal profile] redcirce
YAY. Soooo glad to finally see part two of this, and that it was well worth the wait! This was super hot and sexy and perfect, and I love how Rose took charge and was, um, rewarded for it in the end. They make such a great threesome! <3

My favorite parts:

- collared and leashed half naked Timelords! YES PLEASE.

- They might try and run off, often, but it was obvious they belonged to Rose.
Lol, I love how even random bystanders can see this.

- she would have convinced the TARDIS to bring them to a planet like this much sooner.
Did Rose PLAN this? If so, she made a good choice!

- both the Timelords marking Rose's neck

- the whole scene in the club, actually- HOT. I'm amazed Rose's willpower lasted as long as she did! ;)

- everything about the the two at once sex scene. ::fans self::

Rose grinned, she figured there were worse problems to have
love that ending!


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