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Title: How to Control Your Time Lords
Rating: Adult
Characters: Ten/Rose/Master
Summary: The Doctor, the Master and Rose are travelling together. The Doctor is repressed, the Master is a flirt and Rose is frustrated. When they land on a planet with some unexpected rules things change.
A/N: Thanks to [ profile] kahki for being my lifesaver, again! This is a gift for 2 people. Mostly it's a birthday present for [ profile] develish1 because she's all kind of amazing and thanks to this manip by [ profile] redcirce, Dev was saying we needed more fics where a companion owned the Doctor. This oddly combined with the urge I'd had (encouraged loudly by [ profile] callistawolf) to write Ten/Rose/Master. And since I don't do drama, we ended up with this... (Also, it's technically got 2 parts, but works as a one shot so I figured I'd get this part up while I try and get the voices to behave on the second part).

Rose sighed, from her perch on the jump seat she could see the old argument happening again. The Doctor and the Master were bickering over who should drive the TARDIS. This seemed to happen daily.

“You didn’t actually pass the flight test did you?” the Master yelled from one side of the TARDIS console.

“Well, no. But that’s not the point!” said the Doctor from the other side.

“And that’s why I should be the one flying this old box!” said the Master, with a threatening look. “OUCH!” He yelped and backed up from the console inspecting his hands.

The Doctor laughed at the Master. “You know she doesn’t like being called that.  And there’s no way I’d let you fly her, you’d probably make sure we landed on Raxicoricofallipatorious during their second war with Clom!”

What the Doctor wasn’t aware of, was that Rose had been behind his back, miming everything he had just said. The Master thought it was hilarious.

Pulling a childish face at the Doctor, he wandered over to the jump seat and sat down next to Rose, much closer than the Doctor would have liked. The Master leaned over Rose, making no secret of looking down her top. He glanced at her face and smirked as he heard the Doctor growl from behind him.

With a roll of her eyes at the Master, Rose sighed. She knew the Master was doing it just to annoy the Doctor.

Rose thought she’d be fine with it, if he actually intended to follow through from the staring at her boobs (she’d noticed the Doctor preferred to stare at her arse), the suggestive jokes and the almost Jack-like levels of flirting.

The Master must have taken lessons off the Doctor, because he was all talk and no action.

It had been at least six months since she’d helped the Doctor stop the Master before he could pull off what was undoubtedly some very impressive scheme with the stolen TARDIS. A TARDIS that still had a particularly strong bond with Rose and was happy to help her Wolf find the power she continued to carry. With a bit of help from the Doctor, the TARDIS and Rose had managed to stop the drums that drove the Master to destruction. Some of the destruction anyway. Rose suspected he was the kind of child who knocked down the other kid’s building blocks for the fun of it.

Underneath that, however, Rose had seen glimpses of a man, or Time Lord, who had a lot in common with the Doctor. And Rose admitted to herself, though never either Time Lord, she’d found herself falling for him.

Apparently she was never going to have sex again.

Rose had hoped, after she’d said goodbye to Jackie and it seemed like she and the Doctor were taking the last steps from friends to lovers, that she might finally have gotten him to understand that she loved him and wasn’t leaving.

Instead, the Doctor danced around that last step, and then, before she could confront him about it, they had the Master on board.

So there was Rose, seated on the jump seat, listening to an argument she’d heard enough times to repeat both sides of. With two Time Lords who apparently took lessons in being emotionally, and sexually, repressed idiots.

“So, have you two geniuses actually landed us yet? And if so, do you actually know where?” asked Rose. She had plans to get off the TARDIS, find a willing, hopefully humanoid (though she was willing to compromise a bit) male and well, get off.

“We are on Lyantha,” said the Doctor.

The Master looked at the Doctor like he was dribbling on his shirt. “No, we’re on Athenis!”



Rose looked between them and sighed. With a mumble under her breath that sounded very much like ‘Alien gits’ she opened the TARDIS door and noted that it seemed peaceful. “So, you pair coming then?”

The Doctor ran up to her, he didn’t say anything just grinned down at her, took her hand and squeezed.

With a leer, the Master took her other hand and said, “Not yet Rosie, not yet.”

Quirking her eyebrow at the Master, she gave him an obvious once over and snorted before she lead the Time Lords out of the TARDIS. Sometimes she wondered about the ages of the Time Lords she travelled with, two millennia between them and she still felt like the only adult on board.

~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~

The Doctor, Rose and the Master walked through the market on the still being argued about planet. The Doctor defended his choice and would try and tug Rose closer; the Master would retaliate with his choice and his own pull on Rose.

All Rose was wondering was how long it would be until she could escape the idiots escorting her. The sooner the better, she thought. She wasn’t sure she could stand being the rope in this odd tug-of-war much longer.

Rose was relieved when the Time Lords were distracted by a market stall with mechanical pieces. Most of which they seemed to be arguing over. The Doctor seemed adamant that they would work for the TARDIS and the Master seemed convinced that they wouldn’t be any good.

With her hands released, Rose did what all companions knew was a good idea, and she was exceptionally brilliant at. She wandered off.

~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~

The planet they had landed on appeared to be populated by humans, or at least a very humanoid species. For Rose, there was comfort in that. Every now and then, she liked a reminder of her humanity.

Rose decided the smart thing for a wandering companion to do would be to ask what planet she was actually on.

Turns out both the Doctor and the Master were wrong and they’d landed on Alethia.

After a brief look around, there were two things that stood out above the others. The planet was obviously a warm one; all the women wore outfits that left much of their skin bare, generally covering only the essential bits. And all the men were in a loin cloth or nothing. In the end, she found the naked or almost naked men less surprising than the fact that every man present wore a collar with a leash, the leash always being held by a woman.

Rose returned to the woman who had already been helpful and asked a few questions. With each answer, her smile grew. From small and polite to full blown tongue in teeth grin.

While Rose was never entirely comfortable in any society that considered one sex below the others, she admitted there was definitely something to appreciate about a culture that felt men were best kept under control and leashed.

They certainly never visited enough of these planets as far as Rose was concerned.

In this stage of their history, Alethians were a fiercely matriarchal society. All men were owned and marked as such by the collar and leash they wore, or they stayed in the ‘compound’ until an owner could be found. While a man had no say in who would own him, there were laws in place to make sure they were not mistreated. Other than the laws to stop cruelty, all other rules were at the whim of the owner.

Most importantly, men were not allowed out in public without their owner, and on a leash.

So, Rose knew she was safe to wander around and peruse the market with no worries. On the other hand, her companions were probably not going to fare so well.

Perusing the market, Rose considered her Time Lords. She should probably warn them, but if she was honest, she thought it might be nice for them to know what it was like. Not that she was holding any grudge over their last trip to a patriarchal planet or anything.

With a pleased smirk, Rose came to the conclusion that the idiots she travelled with probably wouldn’t realise where they were and the trouble they were in until they were cuffed and being led off by the peacekeepers.

~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~

Rose was, of course, correct.

After more than half an hour of the Doctor and Master arguing about whether the possible parts they had found would work for a type-40 TARDIS they turned to Rose to settle the debate. Neither acknowledged Rose would probably not know, so much as feel which would work.

It was disappointing for the Time Lords, and the TARDIS, that Rose was not nearby. She could have answered the first question.

And possibly helped hold off the question from the lady running the stall who had been eyeing them suspiciously from the moment they’d walked up to her stall. “Where is your owner?”

“Owner? I don’t have one! No one owns me!” said the Doctor, with a brief thought that being owned by Rose might be nice.

The lady looked surprised and gave him an appreciative once over before she gestured to a uniformed woman nearby. “This man is saying he doesn’t have an owner.”

The Doctor spluttered and tried to explain, and then argue, and then flirt, his way out of trouble. Nothing he said or did helped matters. Moments later he was handcuffed and about to be led away.

Almost doubled over with laughter, the Master was enjoying himself immensely. At least, he was until he was asked where his owner was.

~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~

The day turned to afternoon while Rose enjoyed the chance to relax and explore without the running. After a bit of wandering she had discovered, much to her joy, the market was only a very short walk from the beach. To her, it seemed like a brilliant place to enjoy the afternoon and sunset.

When the sun disappeared below the horizon, Rose dusted the sand off her skirt and went to find her missing Time Lords.

~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~

Said Time Lords had been taken to the Compound.

Neither was exactly happy about it. After being processed, stripped and placed in their rooms, the Doctor and the Master had promptly set out very different plans.

The Doctor was worried about Rose, though he suspected that he might have landed them on Alethia instead of Lyantha and if he was (now) correct, Rose was probably perfectly fine. Still, he felt he should escape and check on her.

Of course, as he looked around the room, the Doctor realised escape might be a little difficult given the available materials. The only things in sight were a small bathroom with toilet and shower, and bed with cuffs (and he was very much not thinking of what use they might have) and a distinct lack of clothes containing nifty gadgets like his sonic screwdriver. This would make planning an escape difficult, he thought.

On the other hand, the Master suspected Rose was having a fantastic time on the planet, probably well aware of where they were and enjoying it. But he wasn’t going to take this lying down, he’d decided, and set out to make as much noise and disturbance as he could. He started jumping around and banging on the walls and yelling through the bars on the door.

It was two warnings and less than ten minutes later when he found out exactly why the beds had cuffs.

~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~

As boys on Alethia hit puberty, they were sold or traded. Men who had run away or had no owner were taken to the Compound, which is where Rose had discovered her missing Time Lords were likely to be.

Rose felt a twinge of concern when she heard the name, but was quickly reassured that while men were property of the Alethian women, they were treasured property and even the men not currently owned were kept in good health.

Reassured, Rose started heading over to the Compound to claim her Time Lords. She enjoyed the fact that, for once, it had been them locked up for being the wrong sex and not her. They didn’t need to know that, of course, she thought with a small smirk as she dawdled off.

Before she headed to the compound, Rose realised there was something she was missing if she wanted to collect her idiots.

She took a short detour to the TARDIS to see if there were some collars and leashes she could use. When Rose opened the door and saw two leashes, a blue and red, hanging over the railings near the door, each with a matching collar, she couldn’t help but laugh. Apparently the TARDIS wanted to help her.

With a soft and affectionate pat, Rose said, “Thanks girl, I can’t wait to tell them where I got these.”

The TARDIS hummed smugly as Rose grinned at her and pulled the door shut.

~~~~~  ~~~~~  ~~~~~

Head held high and exuding confidence, Rose strolled up to the front desk of the Compound and smiled at the woman seated behind the desk. “Hello, my name’s Rose. I was told that I could pick up my property here?”

The woman, whose nametag read Lia, looked at Rose and raised an eyebrow. “Describe him and I’ll check our records.”

Rose took a breath and said, “Well, one of them, average height, short brown hair and a look that says he’s either going to start hugging kittens or try to juggle them. He also insists his name is the Master. Chances are he was found in the company of a tall, skinny guy with really great, spiky brown hair, who won’t shut up and goes by the Doctor.”

“Oh yes, they were both picked up in the market earlier. We were wondering about them actually,” Lia said with a smirk. “They’re good looking specimens but not exactly well behaved.”

“You have no idea,” said Rose with a grin. “If it wasn’t for the fact they work best together and are very, very good at what they do I’d probably trade them for quieter models.”

Lia smiled. “Should I ask what they are good at then?”

With a wink Rose replied, “Let me put it this way, they have fantastic stamina.”

“That might explain a bit,” Lia said with a laugh. “So, all you need to do for us to release them back to you is prove ownership, which means they have to recognise and accept you. And you need to prove your claim on them is genuine.”

“No problem. And don’t worry, I’ve come prepared.” Rose gestured to the leashes she carried. “Can I be taken to them now?”

Checking her records, Lia found which room each Time Lord was in. She stood up and indicated for Rose to walk with her. They walked down a few corridors in companionable silence until Rose heard singing. Only the Master would be singing ‘It’s a Small World’ that badly.

“That answers where he is then,” sighed Rose. She waited until Lia opened the door and then entered. She didn’t think anyone could hold her responsible for laughing at the sight before her. Rose never thought she’d live to see the day the Master would be handcuffed, naked, to a bed.

“Little Rosie!” the Master exclaimed, trying to wave rather unsuccessfully.

Lia gestured to his handcuffs. “We can remove those if you prefer? And take you both to the other one.”

Smirk growing, Rose looked at the Master, “No, no, it’s ok. Leave him there for now. Would you mind bringing the other idiot in here, please? I’d like to have a word with them both.”

“That can be done. Just remember, we need proof of a genuine claim on them, good breeding stock is hard to come by,” said Lia as she left to fetch the Doctor.

The Master was a little unnerved by the predatory gleam in Rose’s eyes as she moved closer and tried to cover it up with his usual bravado. “I don’t know if you’re up to the task of claiming anyone Rosie.”

Rose flicked her eyes from the Master’s face to his groin. “Actually, I think it’s you who’s not up to the task, Master,” she drawled. “So, I think it’s time for you to put up or shut up.”

Before even his lightning fast mind could come up with a response he was distracted by Rose stalking closer while she dropped the leashes and lifted her shirt over her head. The Master gulped. Her bra was nothing fancy, just a simple and black. But suddenly it was falling to the floor and she wore nothing but a short skirt and a large grin.

The Master let out a low sigh and tried to ignore the twitch of his cock. Rose had no intention of ignoring it and watched as his erection grew. She pushed her skirt off her hips and in just her knickers, moved next to the bed.

“Maybe you are up to the challenge,” she smirked before she leant down and captured the Master’s lips with hers. For a moment he was frozen, not quite able to believe the Doctor’s little human was kissing him. Rose took it as a good sign when his mind caught up with his body and the Master returned her kiss. His tongue flicked out across her lips and she opened her mouth. With thought to taking back his command he pushed his tongue inside and took full control.

At least, full control until the moment Rose ran her hand down his chest, grabbed his cock and gave it one firm stroke.

The Master ripped his mouth away from hers and groaned loudly. Rose laughed as she took the opportunity to stand and remove her knickers. She then settled back down, straddling the top of his legs. He could feel the heat between her thighs and he let out another low groan.

There was a temptation to say something about who was the Master, or Mistress, now but Rose resisted that and went with the other tempting idea instead. She leant down and licked, and nibbled, and kissed, from just below his ear, along his jaw and down his neck.

Before Rose could continue her explorations she heard the door open. With a quick lick of the Master’s nipple she lifted her head and looked to the doorway.

There stood the Doctor, his jaw hitting the floor at the image in front of him.

“You seem a little busy,” Lia said, stepping out from behind the Doctor and grinning at the sight in front of her. “I’ll leave him here and when you’re ready, just drop by the front desk on your way out. I don’t think you’ll have a problem with your claim.”

“Thanks,” said Rose, with a brief glance Lia’s direction before she focussed on the Doctor again. She struggled not to laugh at the expression on his face. It seemed to be stuck somewhere between disbelief and lust.

The door shut behind Lia and the Doctor jumped at the sound, but it broke through his stunned silence and he shook his head, trying to clear it because this had to be his imagination. But no, Rose was still naked. Still naked, straddling an also naked, handcuffed to the bed Master. Rose, naked, straddling a naked, handcuffed and aroused Master.

“Rose… Master… naked… I…” stuttered the Doctor. He wasn’t sure which part of the sight before him was the most shocking, or arousing, but he definitely couldn’t deny it was the latter as all his blood rushed south.

The Doctor felt a shudder of arousal pass through him as Rose and the Master looked at him with identical smirks. Rose glanced at the man beneath her and said, “Look at that, we know how to shut him up now!”

“What?” the Doctor sputtered, but Rose turned her attention from him to the Master.

“Now, where was I?” asked Rose. “Oh that’s right! I was taking advantage of the situation.”

Rose returned to trailing her lips down the Master’s chest, taking a moment to tease his nipples on her way past. As she moved herself down his body, tongue dipping briefly into his belly button, she made sure to add a distinct wiggle to her hips and was rewarded with a low groan from the Time Lord still standing gobsmacked at the door.

The groan from the Doctor and the feel of the hot little tongue teasing the skin below his belly button caused the Master to struggle with his handcuffs. He wanted some control, he wanted to touch, he just wanted. However, all thoughts fled as he felt Rose’s mouth close over his cock and she sucked, hard.

The Master’s hips bucked and Rose followed the motion with ease while the Doctor stared; he didn’t think anything could tear his eyes from the sight in front of him.

He watched as Rose’s lips, those lips he often dreamed of wrapped around his own cock moved up and down the Master’s instead. The Doctor didn’t even realise when he started stroking his own erection, in time with the movements of Rose’s head.

There was a holding pattern for a few moments, the Master groaned as Rose sucked and the Doctor stroked.

Intent on making sure the Doctor got a good show, and feeling needy, Rose ran her hand down to the heat between her legs. She stroked through her wet curls and slid two fingers inside with a loud moan.

The Doctor snapped.

“Fuck!” he said as he stalked across to the bed and stood behind Rose. He grabbed her hip with one hand, brushed her fingers aside and slid his own into her. As he felt how tight and wet she was the Doctor couldn’t help but growl as he imagined his cock buried in that heat.

Rose popped the Master’s cock out of her mouth, though she licked his tip before she lifted her head to look over her shoulder at the Doctor.

“Now you’re getting the idea Doctor,” she said smugly.

The Master let out a, though he’d deny it, slightly shaky laugh and said, “Took him long enough, though he’s always been a little bit sloooo…”

Rose cut him off in the most practical way she could think of; she grabbed his cock and stroked firmly. The Doctor laughed at him as Rose said, “For supposed geniuses, you’re both really slow. I’ve been waiting for months for one of you to get the hint.”

With a slide and twist of his fingers, the Doctor looked smug as Rose let out a moan. Keeping his fingers moving slowly inside her, he looked over her shoulder at the Master and said, “You know, I think I can show her some things I’ve learnt over the years. Not so sure about you, given your current position.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t hear me complaining, did you?” stated the Master and then added smugly, “Your little human is very talented with her mouth.”

“The ‘little human’ is going to leave if you Time idiots keep talking about her like that,” Rose said, as she tried to maintain control of her voice while the Doctor’s clever fingers kept her on edge.

Both Time Lords mumbled an apology, but then the Doctor now feeling more desperate then he had in a good century or so, whispered in Rose’s ear. “Rose, do you want me? Us? Cause I want you. So much.”

The Master watched as Rose nodded and the Doctor kissed her neck and slid his fingers out of her. Moments later, he saw the Doctor’s hands appear at her shoulders and softly push her forward. She smiled down at him and leant forward. He groaned loudly and swore as her mouth enclosed his cock again. The things their little human could do with her tongue… “Fuck!”

For a moment the Doctor watched Rose and the Master, but he couldn’t wait any longer. He took hold of his cock and lined himself up with Rose, thrust forward and in one swift and strong push he was buried inside her. He paused for a moment, some part of him saying it was to let her adjust, but he knew it was so he didn’t come right then.

“So hot, tight. You’re perfect Rose,” the Doctor said, basking in the feel of her surrounding him.

Rose moaned loudly. She might never have been in this particular position before, but she loved it. The taste and feel of the Master’s cock as she twisted her tongue around it and sucked hard enough to make his hips buck gave her a feeling of power. Combined with the feel of the Doctor behind her, thrusting into her hard, hips crashing into her, causing her to lose control, she didn’t think she would last long.

From where he was, the Master had no control, and he enjoyed it. A lot. Especially when each push from the Doctor made Rose moan around his cock, the vibrations meant he was already on the edge. He wasn’t prepared for the moment when she relaxed her throat and let his cock slide deeper. And then swallowed around him. “Fuck!” he shouted as he came.

Rose felt him soften as she pulled back and let him drop from her mouth and grinned at the smug smile on the Master’s face.

The grin on Rose’s face was lost seconds later as the Doctor slid one hand from her hips around and stroked her clit. He was determined to see her break apart first. Or second, just, before he did. And he wasn’t going to last long.

Every stroke of the Doctor’s finger across her clit caused Rose to push backwards, desperate for him to move faster, push harder. From this angle he was so deep and she felt every bit of his cock as he withdrew and returned.

“Oh come, pretty little Rose, come for us,” the Master said. Rose gasped, between those words and the way the Doctor stroked, thrust hard and leant over her to bite her shoulder with a growl, she was coming apart.

The Doctor stopped biting and groaned into Rose’s neck as her muscle’s clenched around his cock. If he thought she was tight before, now she was constricting and it was incredible. He managed to thrust once, twice and then he was coming, too. A low growl rumbled out of his chest as he spilled himself into Rose.

When the Doctor had softened a bit he pulled out of Rose and she fell to her side and looked up at him with a satisfied and content smile on her face. He couldn’t help but return it. Might not have happened how he had imagined it, but he wasn’t going to complain about the details.

Though, the Doctor placed his hand on Rose’s cheek with a gentle smile and asked, “Are you ok Rose?”

With a soft nod, Rose replied, “Better than. I think I established my claim too.”

“We can work out who claimed who later,” the Doctor said, unable to resist teasing her. Before she could argue he did the one thing he hadn’t had a chance to yet. He leant down and kissed her.

The Master looked at the kissing pair and rolled his eyes. “Hey! I was present too. I should be a part of this celebrating and,” he shook his wrists, “will you open these cuffs now?”

Rose and the Doctor broke apart and grinned at each other before they turned to the Master and answered, “Nope!”


Date: 13 June 2013 03:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I have no idea how I missed thought I should read it before the second part. Tbh I am not a big threesome or ot3 fic fan, but this was brilliant. The characters are super hot together here! Stumbling off to read the 2nd part.

Date: 13 June 2013 03:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reading even if OT3 isn't really your thing :) And they would be very very hot together!

Date: 13 June 2013 06:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well, I do read some OT3 and this is the kind I like. I'm just not that into slash and that's usually where it leads (I like some mild slash in OT3 just like you have here, as long as Rose is still involved and I also read it when it is Jack/Ianto or someone else and part of a larger story, but it generally doesn't do it for me smut wise 'cause it isn't my thing...)
And sorry for the butchered comment above. It looks like some words got deleted when I was writing it on my ipod. I should know by now not to try to type on that damn thing!

Date: 13 June 2013 06:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh, I completely understand, when it comes to OT3, I can be a little picky about the focus, cause you know, not so interested in slash. And for this story especially, I wanted Rose as the focus.

And no problem, I could decipher it ;)


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