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Admittedly I havent written that much. And let's be honest, a large portion has been written while fighting sobriety... But I was told by a couple of people I should create a masterlist. So... Here goes?

Spare Parts 'verse

If you have no idea what this is, well, running would probably be sensible, but it all started at [ profile] bad_wolf_rising and was influenced by alcohol. A lot of alcohol. Anyway...
Spare Parts is based on the adventures of the Doctor's body parts, some of which are sentient.
Warnings: This 'verse is about as consistent as Moffat when it comes to continuity. But then, I'm nearly always drunk. Not sure about his excuse.
Also, all stories in this verse are adult and I'm in no way responsible for any damage to keyboards should you snort your drink over it. Just sayin'....

Title: Meet Alonso
Summary: [Ten/Rose] Rose's first conversation, of sorts, with Alonso.

Title: Alonso and Randy
Summary: [Ten] Alonso and Randy offer each other comfort and support.

Title: When Randy met Jack: The good times...
[Jack] The story of Jack meeting Randy and what happened after.

Title: Brutus and the Doctor
[Nine] The Doctor and Brutus have a discussion regarding Rose.

Title: Lord and Master
Summary: [Master, Ten] The Master and his Lord have an interesting conversation with a captive audience.

Title: Donna meet ......?
Summary: [Donna, TenToo] The conversation Donna has with the new Doctor, just after the metacrisis.

Title: Alonso and the Girl in the Fire(place)
Summary: [Ten] The Doctor is given of Alonso's opinion on his behaviour during the events of GitF.

Title: Geronimo and Idris
Summary: [Eleven, TARDIS] The TARDIS is human and she and the Doctor have a lot to discuss.

Title: Rose meets Brutus
Summary: [Nine/Rose] Rose learns just how impressive, a Time Lord can be.

Title: Rose and her new, new, new Doctor
Summary: [TenToo/Rose] The Doctor and Rose reconnect after Journey's End.

Title: How to deal with a Time Lord, his metacrisis and any problems that may arise    Part 1 - Alonso-Too?
    Part 2 - Who knows Rose best?
    Part 3 - How to deal with your Doctor, his metacrisis and their parts.
Summary: How does a companion deal with a Time Lord with a slightly human twin and their parts?
Notes: Written for ten_plus_ten's tencestfest.

Guest Authors
Because apparently some people are crazy enough to want to play around in the Spare Parts 'verse too.

Title: Alonso's One Good Day
Authors: [ profile] eloriekam and [ profile] yumimum
Summary: [Ten/Jack/The Master/TenToo] The Doctor and Alonso get caught up in some very crossed Time Lines.

Title: Journey's End Poetry
Author: [ profile] kelkat9
Summary: [TenToo/Rose, Donna, Ten] A poetical Spare Parts take on the events of Journey's End.
Notes: Also refers to [ profile] jer832's fic 'Five Minutes After the Metacrisis'

Title: Triple Threat
Author: [ profile] larxene_12
Summary: [Ten/Rose] Alonso conspires against the Doctor, with Rose's assistance.

One Shots

Title: Ice MovesSummary: [Nine/Rose] Apparently the TARDIS has an ice skating rink... The Doctor offers to show Rose his moves.
Rating: All ages
Notes: The blame for this rests on bloose09 shoulders, she suggested Nine/Rose and ice skating rink in the TARDIS over at doctor_rose_fix

Summary: [Nine/Rose] It's the middle of an alien invasion, and the Doctor and Rose are standing in 10 Downing Street when they take a chance.
Rating: Adult
Notes: Written for the dwpronathon the idea being to take an episode from S1 or 2 and add smut. I was given 'Aliens of London/World War Three'.

Title: The Doctor, Jack, their Metacrisis and what happened next...
Summary: [Ten/Rose/Jack/TenToo] Jack was responsible for the metacrisis, not Donna. So where does this mean for the ol' Team TARDIS?
Rating: Adult
Notes: This is entirely the fault of [ profile] yumimum, who asked what would have happend if the metacrisis was caused by Jack, not Donna. Mix that idea with booze...

Fic Collaborations

Title: Keeping Warm in Cardiff
Authors: jer832 and fogsblue
Summary: Back in Cardiff after meeting Dickens and The Doctor and Rose find dancing is a great way to keep warm...
Rating: Teen
Notes: This fic is all Jer's fault! And is possibly responsible for any following collaborations between us. It started as a response to this picture at bad_wolf_rising

Title: Let Me Count the Ways [Part 1] [Part 2]
Authors: jer832 and fogsblue (manips by scifiangel)
Summary: 'Rose'. With smut. A lot of smut. That's it.
Rating: Adult
Notes: Again, we'll say this was Jer's fault. Basically, after the dwpronathon we discussed how many times you could fit smut into a single episode. This was the result. It has now turned into an ongoing series which can be found here at bad_wolf_rising.
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